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The Persian language is spoken today primarily in Iran and in large parts of Afghanistan and Tajikistan. Communities of Persian speakers also exist in countries bordering the Persian Gulf and in many other places around the world. Persian has a long history and a rich body of literature.


  • AP/PERS 1000 6.00 Elementary Persian
    This course serves as an introduction to Modern Persian and is intended for students with no active ability in the language. It will develop basic aural, conversational, reading, and writing skills in the language. Note: No active knowledge of Persian. A Placement Test will be required. Note: Not open to students with previous knowledge of Persian. Language of Instruction: English/Persian.
  • AP/PERS 2700 6.00 Persian Literature and Culture
    This course examines historical, cultural and social processes that have formed Iranian culture and civilization, ranging from ancient Persia to contemporary Iran. The course studies and analyzes Persian literature in translation. Texts are read in their historical, social, and political contexts to gain a thorough understanding of the history of Iran and the way culture is produced. Language of Instruction: English

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Khatereh Sheibani
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