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eServices Office -- Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies

Activate or re-set the FAS service with Manage My Services.

FAS (file access service) Accounts and the AP Labs

All students and faculty are issued  a FAS account. With this account, you are granted an AP Labs service. The account/service password is synchronized with your Passport York Account. Please ensure that your account password is set to 7-8 characters long.

You can reset your password using Manage My Services .

AP Labs - Service
LA&PS' eServices Office manage computer labs in support of all undergraduate students.   See FAS above.

EM Lab - Service
Eligibility for this service requires you to be enrolled in at least one DEMS course.

The EM Lab requires the EM Lab service.  If you are an DEMS student, or a student registered in any approved course, you have rights to an "EM Lab" service. If you are eligible for this service, your EM Lab service will be automatically created under your FAS account.  See FAS above.

Accounts are created using Manage My Services.

SIT - Accounts
Eligibility for this account requires you to be enrolled in at least one ITEC course. Contact your course director for information regarding the creation of this account.  Once this account is created, use an up-to-date SSH client ( i.e. Putty ) to login. Please direct problems and questions regarding this service to your course director.

Common Questions and Answers

I'm a new student, when can I activate my computer accounts?
You can activate your computer account(s) and services as soon as you have your student number and you are registered. This means that you can activate your account(s) before arriving at York!

How do I sign up for computer accounts?
Go to Manage My Services ( and login. You must activate your FAS service. Follow the on-screen instructions.

What password do I use & where is my home directory?
Your FAS service password will work for all of your related MMS accounts.

What is "Manage My Services"?
"Manage My Services" is a web application you will use to activate and manage your York computer accounts. Managing your account includes:

Where can I find instructions on how to use Manage My Services?

Instructions for using Manage My Services are available at:

What is the difference between Manage My Services and Passport York?

Passport York is a method of authentication that allows you to log into the Manage My Services application. Passport York consists of your username and a password and is used to access many Web resources at York (Manage My Services being one of the recourses).

Can I access Manage My Services from the "AP Labs"?

No. Not currently.

Once I've activated a service, how long do I have to wait before I can start using it?
Accounts are usually activated within an hour. This may take up to 24 hours during busy periods such as at the start of a new term.

What if my 'program specific' computer account isn't showing up as an option?
Did you register late? If so, please use Manage My Services at a later date. If not, please speak to your course director or e-mail .

Manage My Services is administered by York's Computing and Technology Services (UIT) and not "eSO". Please contact UIT should you encounter difficulties with this application.


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