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eServices Office


  1. E-mail Address. Your e-mail account comes with a disk quota of 20 MB. You can access your York mail using various e-mailapplications; or you can use York's Web-based e-mail program called MyMail. MyMail is accessible from any Web browser.

    If you don't yet have a e-mail address, have your faculty/department administrator or computer coordinator e-mail to request an e-mail account on your behalf. The request must include your full name and your employee number.

    Read more about obtaining and using your York University Email Account.

  2. You will need a Passport York account to fully participate as a trusted member of the York University community. To set up your Passport York account, please speak with your department administrator and visit:

    Your Passport York account will give you access to many services including:

    • Course websites will be accessible using your Passport York account
    • Manage My Services: tool used to activate other accounts such as High speed modem
    • Classroom Equipment Ordering System

  3. Lotus Notes E-mail and Calendaring: Lotus Notes is the faculty's e-mail, calendaring and organizational software suite available to those faculty and staff located on campus.