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eServices Office

eLearning (Distance Education)

eServices Office
The eServices Office is a full-service administrative computing technology unit that provides help to instructors for the creation, development and support of eLearning courses and course websites. Please email if you are planning on developing a fully online/blended course, and require assistance.

eLearning (Distance Education) – fully online and blended courses
Distance education courses have been offered for over a decade. Distance education is comprised of either Internet (online learning), or correspondence (mix of online and print-based delivery) courses. Most courses are offered in the Internet format.

Fully online courses provide all the academic content and communications to students online and there are no on-campus classes to attend. Courses are structured with weekly readings and assignments that are due on specific dates. All exams are written on-campus, and students residing in remote areas can request to write at their nearest post-secondary institution. Mixed-mode courses that combine classroom sessions with Internet components asre also offered.

Fully online and blended courses feature a combination of multimedia (audio/video) and text-based instruction; exciting graphics and Web links; and include interactive assignments. They also feature online discussion rooms and provide convenient email access to instructors and on-line course evaluations.

All fully online and blended courses use the same textbooks, materials, and content as the on-site, in-class courses. They also coincide with the Registrar's timelines for start/end dates, petitions, financial refunds, etc.

Just as their course instructors will teach them; students can take these courses by using a computer from anywhere in the World*. This allows individuals the ability to do their work either at home, or in a coffee shop - wherever there is an Internet connection.

Programs offered via Distance

By combining the flexibility of Internet and correspondence courses, students may complete the programs listed below entirely by distance.

For detailed degree requirements, prerequisites and descriptions are available from

Courses via Distance
In addition to the distance programs, students can combine on-campus and distance courses offered by other disciplines to alleviate their on-campus schedule.

Distance courses are presently available in:

• Administrative Studies • Economics • English

• Geography

• Health Studies

• Humanities

• Human Resources

• Human Rights & Equity


• Modes of Reasoning

• Natural Science

• Nursing

• Philosophy

• Political Science

• Psychology

• Social Work

• Sociology

• Social Science

For further student distance education information, please visit:

For email assistance:

*Internet connection required; broadband Internet connection recommended