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eServices Office

eLearning Support: Course Websites -  Winter 2014

The eServices Office at LA&PS, provides course website support for your teaching and learning. A course website allows for access and interaction out of the classroom. Please note that website usage is totally optional.

There are two course management systems for your course website support needs.

Moodle Course Websites:
Learning Technology Services, UIT (central computing) creates a course website for every course section and eServices will be your direct contact for support. Instructors need to fill out the request form to activate their course website and be added with instructor access. Instructors will be able to request the migration of content from previous terms and merge any multiple sections. eServices will be processing your requests and will be hosting training sessions.


Quickr Course Websites:
eServices, LA&PS (Faculty computing) creates a course website for every course and auto populates instructor access from the confirmed hiring in ARMS. Therefore, there is no need to request a course website or access unless the ARMS listings are not up to date. Website access can be obtained directly from the eTLR site by loging in with your PPY (Passport York) account to My PLACES or directly from searching your course from the York Timetable Website. For any migration, course section merged requests or inquiries please e-mail:

All documentation, instructional, resource and training information are available at both these sites. Both systems are accessible via a PASSPORT YORK account.

Differences between Moodle and Quickr Course Websites

Moodle: Moodle is a full Learning Management System with numerous sophisticated applications and tools. You may use it for the simple uploading of files, for its activity modules such as forums and wikis, or for online assessments and assignments, or all of the above.
Quickr: Quickr is a Content Management System, that is user friendly with the basic tools needed. For example, instructors can post announcements, content and use standard discussion forums.  

Most likely you have been using one or the other, or none at all. Regardless of your decision, eServices can support you for both options.

Course Outline:
The Course Outline is a public area in addition to your course website. It is linked from your Quickr course website. It is a public area where your course outline/syllabus can be uploaded by the program secretarial staff.  Please contact your administrative assistant or course secretary for any course outline information you wish posted.

Web enhanced Framework:
Have you considered supplementing your in-class lectures with a Web Enhanced framework? The following are fully supported components of the Web enhanced framework:

Blended and Fully Online:
If you are planning to teach a Blended or Fully online course, please make contact with our unit for an assessment needs consultation and a course training and development plan. If you are interested in teaching in these alternate formats please first consult with your Chair or UPD.
For all inquiries regarding any eLearning Support (course websites and course formats) send an e-mail to:

For assistance with your Passport York Account visit Passport York & Manage My Services page.

We hope you take advantage of this great opportunity to enhance your teaching with eLearning.