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Java Configuration

Java 2 Runtime Environment

Java may be required for your course website.  Microsoft's Java Virtual Machine (MSJVM)
continues as the preferred Java Engine with our course website platforms. 
Microsoft is discontinuing support for this product, systems
already installed with it should not be affected.

Check if MSJVM is installed your system using the following steps. 

java script in tools

If your system has Microsoft VM (title may vary slightly), ensure the JIT compiler is checked and
configured as illustrated.  Disable Java (Sun) if present.  Make sure you have the necessary Windows
Critical update for MSJVM by visiting Windows Update.

js tools adv


Important!  After downloading and installing, visit Windows Update to receive the latest patch.

This Critical Update should be available from the Windows Update site, after installing the MSJVM.
816093: Security Update Microsoft Virtual Machine (Microsoft VM)

If for any reason you cannot install MSJVM, install the latest Java
Engine from Sun Microsystems and set for Internet Explorer.

Java versions older than 1.4.2_4 are not officially supported and may cause undesirable effects with
some applications.  If Sun's Java is preferred, ensure you have the latest Java Runtime Environment
from the following link:

Download Java Software

1) Click 'My Computer' located on the desktop.  Then click on 'Control Panel'.

Your files may not appear as they do in the screen shots.  If you like, you can change the way files are viewed

by going the 'View' menu at the top of the window and selecting 'List'.

js control panel


2) Click on the Java Plug-in icon.

js control panel 2


3) Click on the 'Browser' tab

js browser


4) Add the check mark for Internet Explorer if not already present.

js browser check

5) Click 'Apply'


6) Note the message that the changes will take effect the next time you start your browser.

js E4

7) Restart your browser.