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Quickr FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )


1) How do I access and login to my Quickr course website?
2) I forget my Passport York username and/or password, what can I do?
3) I'm enrolled in the course, but when I login I don't see any content links on the left?
4) I'm enrolled in an in class LECT course, and I can't see content posted on the Quickr website?
5) I just enrolled recently and I don't see the posted content on the Quickr course website, what am I doing wrong?
6) What are the computing requirements for Quickr course websites?
7) How do I access the posted content?
8) I'm logged in, but when I click on the content links, the page keeps loading and never loads the content. Why is this happening?
9) There is no content posted on Quickr, and I think my course is using Moodle. How do I access Moodle?
10) Where can I get help with Quickr?


1) An active Passport York account is required. Go to York University home page, Current Students, Course Timetables, Search the York Courses by Subject. Select subject and click 'search courses' which will reveal all the courses. Locate the course ID, and click on the Course Schedule link on the right. Locate the section, and then click on the course website link. The Quickr course website will load, and you can login at the top right corner using your Passport York account. If there is posted content, links will then be accessible to you on the left.

2) A Passport York login and password is required to access the Quickr Course Web sites. If you forget your username or password, here are steps how to reset your Passport York password.


a) If you enrolled in the course before the start of term, you can access the course website on the first day of the term.

b) For Fully Online (ONLN) and Blended (BLEN) courses the instructor has one full week after the term starts to post content or send a broadcast e-mail to students. Note that these courses might use Quickr or another website platform. Visit Next Steps for course website instructions.

c) If you are enrolled in an AP course and content links do not appear on the left when you are logged in, it is possible that there is no content posted at that time, or the browser version you are using is not supported. See number 6 for computing requirements.

d) If you changed your York U e-mail or Passport York username after you enrolled in AP courses, this will impact your access rights to the Quickr Course Web sites. Send an e-mail to and include: Name, student number, old username, new username, and the course ID and section for each AP course you are enrolled in.

4) A course website may not be used for posting content for an in class (LECT) course. Attend lecture and check with your instructor to find out if the course is using the Quickr Course website or another website platform.

5) After the start of term, it takes two business days from the time of your enrolment to access the posted course website content on the Quickr Course websites. This is an automated process. If it has been more than two business days after enrolment, check to make sure you are using a supported browser version. See number 6 for computing requirements.

6) Check specific computing requirements and browser settings

Supported browsers and unsupported browsers are listed here. You can check which browser version you are using by opening your browser and selecting 'Help' at the top, and then 'about Firefox' or 'about Internet Explorer.' A window will open and provide the version number you are using.

7) Once you are logged in to the Quickr course website, if there is posted content there will be links available on the left side of the page (example: Announcements, Presentation Slides). Click on the links, and the content will appear in the centre of the page. You can click on the blue text link and it will open the content within the website or if there is a download icon available on the right, you can click the icon to launch the content in the default program that it was created (example: Excel, PowerPoint, PDF). Click here for common software downloads.

8) If you can't access the content (continuous loading screen), you are likely using an unsupported browser version. See number 6 for computing requirements.

9) In order to access a Moodle course website, go to and in the centre of the page, under 'Accessing Your Moodle Course,' click on the Moodle server for the current academic session. Log in on the top right corner using your Passport York account. Once logged in, your courses that are using Moodle will be listed. Click on the course you would like to access. Content will be accessible to you. If you require further assistance with Moodle, you can review the Resources for Students. You will find Student Quickstart Guide and recommended browser settings. You can contact UIT at 416-736-5800 if you require further assistance with Moodle.

10) If you need help with Quickr, you can login to the Quickr course website and click on the Support link on the left. Please fill out the support form and provide details about the issue you are experiencing. If you do not see the Support link, you can e-mail or call 416-736-5831 or Toll Free at 1-866-261-1790. Be prepared to provide information about the computer & browser you are using and always include your YU e-mail/Passport York username, student number, course ID & section, along with the problem you are experiencing.