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We want you to love working here.

Kathern McPherson, Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs

We want you to find the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies a rewarding and satisfying place to build your career as a teacher, scholar and colleague.

Our office oversees almost everything directly related to life as a faculty member in LA&PS: hiring, tenure and promotion, merit pay, sabbaticals, retirement, medical leave, parental leave, academic administrative appointments, workload assignment, grievances, the salary disclosure and anomaly exercises, and a few more things besides. We'll try to post as much information as we can on this website.

We recognize that the university in Ontario is at a crossroads. So many parties have an interest in shaping it to suit their needs. We can contribute to many areas of our society, and to communities beyond Toronto, beyond Ontario and beyond Canada, but it is faculty members who should drive the process that determines how we do that, even in difficult financial times like these. Our university is founded on collegial self-governance and it is through such processes that we should continue to carve out our university's collective purpose, and then protect and defend it.

Our office is committed to such a vision of the university. Whether you are full-time or part-time, contract or continuing, you are a valuable and valued member of the faculty. We want to encourage you to be an engaged and involved member of this community as well. If there is any way we can support you, please give us a call.

Kathryn McPherson,
Associate Dean, Faculty Affairs


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