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Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system capable of assembling, storing, manipulating, and displaying information identified according to locations. For example, surveyors may use GIS to maintain and manage field surveys and cartographers may use GIS to create digital maps. Most consumers encounter GIS in market research - the next time a retailer asks for your postal code they're compiling data to see if a they have a large enough geographic/demographic base to support a new store.

The aim of York's Geographic Information Systems Certificate program is to provide you with applied skills in the areas of computer cartography, statistical analysis, geographic information systems, remote sensing and satellite image processing to complement the theoretical and conceptual learning of your Bachelor's degree.
Certificate Category:General

Offered by:Department of Geography

Why choose this certificate?
  • Gain practical skills that are applicable to a wide variety of fields within the public and private sectors, from food security to forestry wildlife and park management.

  • Benefit from hands-on learning in lab-based courses.

  • Great preparation for graduate studies in Geography or Geomatics Engineering.

Certificate Requirements
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Additional Information:
Careers:Marketing Specialist, Research Analyst, Technical Illustrator, Urban Planner

Sample Courses:World Geography; Introduction to Human Geography; Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing; Environmental Remote Sensing; Remote Sensing and Image Processing; Retailing, Shopping and Space

Contact:Lucia Lo, Coordinator and Associate Professor

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