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Hellenic Studies

From Ancient Greece came many of the Western world’s cultural values and social institutions, while contemporary Greece, situated at the intersection between Europe and the Middle East, is a vitally important modern nation. In our exciting Hellenic Studies program you’ll have the opportunity to explore the ancient and modern periods in Greece through a curriculum that integrates language study with courses covering Greek literature, culture and history.
Why choose this program?
  • Toronto’s vibrant Greek community, through the creation of the Hellenic Heritage Chair, has made our program the leading centre of Hellenic Studies in Ontario and beyond.

  • Participate in connections with universities in Greece and with Hellenic Studies programs around the globe.

Program Requirements
 Get detailed information on degree and program requirements to enter and graduate from this program.

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Degree Options
BA (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Double Major (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Double Major (linked)(Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Major/Minor (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Minor (Bachelor of Arts)

Additional Information:
Careers:Business Manager, Educator, Lawyer, Researcher

Sample Courses:Greek Tragedy; Modern Greek Literature and Culture; The Greek Diaspora; War and Society in Ancient Greece

Offered by:Department of Humanities

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