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Urban Studies

The city is among the most fundamental human institutions. Across history, cities have been sites of basic innovation in economic, political and cultural life — centres of trade, seats of empire and the locale of scientific, social and artistic creativity. Cities retain these roles today and are the home of a growing majority of the world’s population who increasingly live in large metropolitan regions of several million people. Often, as in many Canadian cities, these urban regions are marked by complex social diversity, striking contrasts of wealth and poverty and a challenging array of planning and environmental dilemmas.
Why choose this program?
  • We stress firsthand fieldwork of the social and spatial fabrics of cities.

  • As an interdisciplinary program, Urban Studies employs a range of perspectives on cities and their citizens and encourages students to develop and pursue their own interests and approaches.

Program Requirements
 Get detailed information on degree and program requirements to enter and graduate from this program.

(This information is to be used in conjunction with the University undergraduate calendar, which in all cases is the final authority).
Degree Options
BA (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Specialized Honours (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Double Major (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Double Major (linked)(Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Major/Minor (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Minor (Bachelor of Arts)
iBA Honours (International Bachelor of Arts)
iBA Honours Major/Minor (International Bachelor of Arts)

Additional Information:
Careers:Architect, Journalist, Municipal Government Officer, Urban Planner

Sample Courses:Asian Cities in Context; City Lives and City Forms; Urban Analysis; Urban Field Experience

Offered by:Department of Social Science

 Program Web site

Contact:For more information, contact the Department of Social Science at 416-736-5054.

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Useful Links
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Other Program Information:
Why choose an iBA (Internation Bachelor of Arts) with this program?
Urban Studies is one of 11 programs in the Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies in which students can obtain an International Bachelor of Arts (iBA) degree. This degree program reflects York’s commitment to internationalization and requires students to pursue an international language and gain international experience on exchange at one of York University’s partner institutions abroad. Students in the iBA program will benefit from enhanced interdisciplinary and cross-cultural knowledge. An iBA will impress employers with your flexibility, appreciation for diversity and global perspective. Get the added benefit of networking with students from all over the world while you get your degree—gaining contacts that will benefit you in your career.

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