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Geography is concerned with the interrelationships among the Earth’s physical and human environments. Geographers study climate change, resource depletion, pollution, human migration, globalization, geopolitics, poverty, inequality and vulnerability – their causes, consequences and implications on urban and regional development. These concerns take us from local neighbourhoods in Toronto to Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Canadian Arctic and the Arizona desert.
Why choose this program?
  • We are addressing some of the most pressing issues facing human kind today.

  • We are committed to hands-on learning, using modern technologies and doing field work to get the facts on the ground, whether they are on the streets of Toronto or in the streams of the Arctic.

  • We provide access to specialized resources including: a world-class Map Library, a Geographic Resources Centre, a Geographic Information Systems & Remote Sensing laboratory, a dedicated river analysis flume laboratory and one of the most comprehensive analytical nutrient laboratories in Geography anywhere.

Program Requirements
 Get detailed information on degree and program requirements to enter and graduate from this program.

(This information is to be used in conjunction with the University undergraduate calendar, which in all cases is the final authority).
Degree Options
BA (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Specialized Honours (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Double Major (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Double Major (linked)(Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Major/Minor (Bachelor of Arts)
BA Honours Minor (Bachelor of Arts)
iBA Honours (International Bachelor of Arts)
iBA Honours Major/Minor (International Bachelor of Arts)

Key Areas of Study:
  • The City
  • Globalization, Environment and Development
  • Production and the Politics of Difference
  • State, Empire and Power
  • Extreme Environments
  • Biophysical Processes and Geoinformatics
Additional Information:
Careers:Environmental Assessment, GIS Technicians, Housing and Transportation Policy Analyst, International Business Executive, Market Researcher, Planner, Realtor, Resource Evaluation, Teacher

Sample Courses:Conflict, Violence and Power; Foodscapes and Agriscapes; Global Economy; Global Environmental Change; Immigration, Ethnicity and Race; Urban Social Policy; The Hydrosphere; Terrestrial Ecosystems

Offered by:Department of Geography

Contact:For more information, contact the Department of Geography at 416-736-5107.

Professor Joseph Mensah

“The classroom is a venue for the celebration of diverse, provocative knowledge―a place where majority and minority voices are in constant contestation in search of progressive prescience.”

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Graduate Programs you may be interested in
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Useful Links
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Other Program Information:
Why choose an iBA (Internation Bachelor of Arts) with this program?
Geography is one of 11 programs in the Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies in which students can obtain an International Bachelor of Arts (iBA) degree. This degree program reflects York’s commitment to internationalization and requires students to pursue an international language and gain international experience on exchange at one of York University’s partner institutions abroad. Students in the iBA program will benefit from enhanced interdisciplinary and cross-cultural knowledge. An iBA will impress employers with your flexibility, appreciation for diversity and global perspective. Get the added benefit of networking with students from all over the world while you get your degree—gaining contacts that will benefit you in your career.

“It is geography that applies common sense to the statistical hysteria of the climatologists. It is geography that brings global warming into context and applies the test of feasibility to whatever political priorities are deemed necessary. It is geography that explains why each of us is located where we are, in neighbourhood, nation, continent and planet, and how fragile might be that location. Without geography's instruction, we are in every sense lost - random robots who can only read and count.” - Simon Jenkins, The Guardian, November 2007

Interested in an Honours BSc in Geography? Visit the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

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