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A complete listing of York Geography Faculty with contact information and links to individual profiles is provided below.

External calls to faculty members must go through the Department of Geography Main Office: +001 (416) 736-5107.

Name Research Interests Phone
(internal extension)
Office / Lab
(Ross Building, unless otherwise indicated)
Bain, Alison urban social geography, geographies of the arts, creativity & sexuality in Canadian cities 66192 N422
Basu, Ranu urban social and political geography and planning 22436 N403
Bello, Rick climatology, Arctic Canada, evapotranspiration studies 22561 N408
Cheng, Qiuming GIS, natural resources assessment, mathematical geology 22842 116 Petrie
Das, Raju

Marxist political economy, state theory, space and state-society relations, international development, labour conditions, social capital, social movements,

(agro-)globalization, South Asia

22450 S411
Drezner, T. biogeography, tropical ecosystems, arid lands 20511 S408 click here for e-mail
Hyndman, Jennifer geographies of forced migration/immigration, humanitarian aid in response to conflict/asylum/disasters, refugee (re)settlement, critical and feminist geopolitics 33689 853 Kaneff
Jenkins, William M. historical geography, the Irish diaspora in North America, cities and immigration, geopolitics, nationalism 22488 S410
Kelly, Philip economic geography, labour, migration, youth, Southeast Asia, Philippines, Canada 44076 836 Kaneff
Koopman, Sara geographies of peace, solildarity, social movements, resistance and race, feminist political geography, and critical geopolitics 33010 S404
Lo, Lucia immigration, settlement, integration and urban tranformation, settlement services, consumer preference and shopping behaviour, food, culture & identity, Chinese disapora 66194 N402
Lunstrum, Elizabeth political ecology, political geography, politics of envrionmental conservation, Southern Africa & North America 46010 849 Kaneff
Medeiros, Andrew Arctic ecosystems, biogeochemistry, aquatic ecology, environmental biomonitoring, paleoecology, environmental change, biogeography 22763 N411 Ross
Mensah, Joseph Critical development theory and Africa; gender and development; space, race, and employment; geography of Aboriginal land claims 66344 N413A Ross
Preston, Valerie gender and urban labour markets, immigration and Canadian cities, social and economic effects of economic restructuring 22421 S411
Remmel, Tarmo remote sensing and GIS algorithm development 22496 N423
Robert, André fluvial geomorphology, forms and processes in alluvial channels 22002 S406
Tufts, Steven economic/labour geography, geographies of labour markets and unions 55107 S425
Vandergeest, Peter Environments and identities in Southeast Asia; agro food systems and industrial aquaculture; cultural politics of development. 66191 N405
Wood, Patricia cities, citizenship, identity, diversity, property, territory and attachment to place 55107 S409
Young, Kathy Arctic wetland hydrology, Arctic ecohydrology, hillslope and catchment hydrology, regional snowmelt modelling, impact of extreme events on arctic hydrology 22371 / 66587 N415/203 CLH