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Faculty Profile

Dr. Steven Tufts

Steven TuftsAssociate Professor and Chair

PhD (Geography) York University
MA  (Geography) Queen's University
BA Hons  (Geography) McGill University

Office S404C Ross
Phone: (416) 736-5107


Introduction to Human Geography
Geographies of Work, Workers and Workplaces

Doctoral Seminar in Critical Human Geography

Research Interests


Some Publications

Tufts, S and S. Milne 2015 Labour and the Greening of Hospitality: Raising Standards or Union Greenwashing? In Carla Lipsig-Mummé and Stephen McBride (eds) Work in a Warming World. Kingston: McGill-Queen’s pp 173-194

Tufts, S 2015 The hotel sector in an age of uncertainty: A labour perspective. In David Jordhus-Lier and Anders Underthun (eds) A Hospitable World? Organising Work and Workers in Hotels and Tourist Resorts, London: Routledge pp 52-66

Tufts, S and M. Thomas 2014 Populist Unionism Confronts Austerity in Canada. Labor Studies Journal 39:1 60–82

Tufts, S 2013 Tourism Climate Change and Work: Uneven Impacts, Institutions and Response. In Carla Lipsig-Mummé (ed) Climate@Work. Halifax: Fernwood, pp 141-160.

Tufts, S 2011 Renewal from Different Directions: The Case of UNITE-HERE Local 75. In V. Shalla (ed) Working in a Global Era, Canadian Perspectives Second Edition. CSP, Toronto, Chapter 14, pp 381-402

Tufts, S 2010 Schumpeterian Unionism and ‘High-Road’ Dreams in Toronto’s Hospitality Sector. In Ann Cecilie Bergene, Sylvi B. Endresen and Hege Merete (eds) Missing Links in Labour Geographies. Ashgate  pp83-97


Tufts S and Holmes J 2010 Student Workers and the New Economy of Mid-sized Cities: The Cases of Peterborough and Kingston, Ontario. In N Pupo and M Thomas (eds) Interrogating the New Economy. Toronto: UTP, pp129-147

Tufts, S and L Savage 2009 Labouring Geography: Negotiating Scales, Strategies and Future Directions. Geoforum (Editorial introduction to special Issue on Labouring Geography co-edited with Lydia Savage) 40 (6), 945-948