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Dawn R. Bazely - PhD (Oxford)

Associate Professor of Biology

I am interested in the nature of plant-herbivore interactions, particularly the impact of herbivores on vegetation and nutrient cycles, and the nutritional basis of diet selection by grazers.,


Richard L. Bello - PhD (McMaster)

Associate Professor of Geography

Microclimatology with particular emphasis on evapotranspiration studies, bioclimatology, Arctic Canada.,


Quiming Cheng - PhD (Ottawa)

Professor of Geomatics and Geography

The development and application of GIS for natural resources assessment.,


Taly D. Drezner - PhD (Arizona State University)

Associate Professor of Geography

Biogeography focusing on desert environments, plant-climate interactions, disturbance and restoration in riparian areas.,


Alan R.Hill - PhD (Belfast)

Professor, Emeritus of Geography

Biogeochemistry focusing on nutrient dynamics in streams and wetlands and on hydrologic flowpath-chemistry linkages in forest and agricultural watersheds.


Mary A. Jenkins - PhD (Toronto)

Associate Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Science

Theoretical investigations of large scale atmospheric dynamics and convectively driven systems.,


Gary P. Klaassen - PhD (Toronto)

Associate Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Science

Numerical modeling of atmospheric dynamics.,


Christopher J. Lortie – D. Phil (Br.Col.)

Associate Professor of Biology

Plant ecology, seedbank dynamics, invasion ecology,


John C. McConnell - PhD (Belfast)

Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Science

Modeling of aurora and atmospheric chemistry on the Earth and other planets.,


Laurence D.M. Packer - PhD (Toronto)

Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies

Bee biology with special reference to the evolution of social behaviour. Insect phylogeny. Insect biodiversity. Evolutionary biology of pine sawflies.,

Roberto Quinlan - PhD (Queen’s)

Associate Professor of Biology

Research specialization involves examining the chitinous subfossil remains of midges (Diptera: Chironomidae, “chironomids”) in lake and pond sediments, to generate paleoecological assessments of past aquatic ecosystem changes.  However, my research interests are broad, as I am interested in a breadth of paleoecological and ecological methods to examine aquatic systems, ranging from lakes in the ‘cottage-country’ districts of southern Ontario, Canada to shallow ponds in the northern tip of the Canadian Arctic.,


Tarmo K. Remmel - PhD (Toronto)

Associate Professor of Geography

Application of remote sensing GIS and GPS and spatial statistical tools to characterize measure and compare spatial patterns. Current research focus on linking spatial patterns with ecological processes of forest disturbance and recovery.,


André Robert - PhD (Cambridge)

Associate Professor of Geography

Sediment transport in rivers; experimental fluvial studies; mathematical modeling of stream bedforms.,


Joel S. Shore - PhD (Toronto)

Professor of Biology

I am interested in plant evolution including both the inference of evolutionary history and ecological genetics. More specifically, my research has focussed on the evolution of plant breeding systems and polyploidy.,


Bridget J. Stutchbury - PhD (Yale)

 Professor of Biology

I study the adaptive value of behavioural traits in birds, particularly reproductive tactics and communication. My research includes comparative studies, manipulative experiments in the field, and genetic "fingerprinting" to examine actual mating success. I also do field work on wintering migratory songbirds in the tropics; this is important for the conservation biology of migrants as well as understanding how breeding strategies are influenced by winter competition.,



Peter A. Taylor - PhD (Bristol)

Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Science

Micro‑ and meso-scale meteorology.,


Norman D. Yan - PhD (Guelph)

 Professor of Biology

I am interested in the effects for various stresses (acid rain, UV radiation, climate variablity, non-indigenous species) on the life, particularly the planktonic life, of Ontario’s inland lakes.,


Kathy L. Young - PhD (McMaster)

 Professor of Geography

Arctic Hydrology and hydrometeorology; Arctic wetlands, Arctic environments.,



Amro Zayed - PhD (York)

Assistant Professor of Biology

I am interested in understanding the genetic and environmental basis of insect behaviour and how it pertains to adaptation.,