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Retired Faculty

Current Research Interests
Found, Bill landscape analysis, program implementation and evaluation, environmental management, Caribbean islands
Freeman, Don
Gibson, James historial geography of Russia (especially imperial expansion across Siberia), Russian America, the Northwest Coast, and the Oregon Country
Greer-Wootten, Bryn
Hill, Alan
Mahaney, William quaternary stratigraphy and soils, glacial geology and geomorphology, planetary geology
Massam, Bryan studies of lived experiences and quality of life, geographical aspects of the public good: comparative studies - Canada, Mexico, Sweden
Murdie, Bob urban social geography, geography of housing, immigrant settlement in Canadian cities
Norcliffe, Glen geographies of industry, modernity, geographical construction of technology
Radford, John political economy of disability, de-institutionalization, housing and community living
Warkentin, John
Wood, David