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Undergraduate Programs

Gender and Women's Studies

Gender and Women's Studies is an interdisciplinary field of study that explores relations of power in the lives of individuals, groups and cultures in multiple settings and sites locally and transnationally. Our challenging courses on women and gender analyze constructions and intersections of gender, race, class, age, ability and sexuality in popular culture, everyday life, the arts, the sciences, politics, societies, and the economy

To learn more about the program please visit the Gender and Women's Studies' website.

Sexuality Studies

Sexuality Studies is a field that examines sexual desires and pleasures, acts and behaviours, identities and subjectivities, communities and cultures, movements and organizing. The field explores artistic, cultural, economic, geographic, historical, literary, political, and psychological dimensions of sexuality, while also investigating sexual dimensions of arts, economies, geographies, histories, literatures, politics, and psychologies.

A central mission of Sexuality Studies is to examine "intersectionality" - an intersectional approach focuses on existent and emergent intersections of sexuality with ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, health, nationality, race, religion, and sexual identity.

To learn more about the program please visit the Sexuality Studies' website.