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The Program in Jewish Studies is an interdisciplinary program housed in the Department of Humanities that brings together courses and members of York's faculties whose focus is the exceptionally diverse subject areas that Jewish Studies, as an academic discipline, encompasses.

In addition to Judaism as a religion, Jewish Studies explores the texts, histories, cultures, sociologies, languages, and fine arts of the Jewish people from biblical times to the present, locating these within the context of the many western and non-western civilizations in which Jews have lived. It also examines Jewish interactions with non-Jews over the ages, both cooperative and conflictual, elements of cultural symbiosis, evolving attitudes towards and images of Jews within various non-Jewish cultures, and the history of antisemitism, including the Holocaust.

All the while, Jewish Studies explores the Jewish experience with a view to understanding the human situation in its diversity and complexity.

  Course Announcements

This year we have the pleasure of welcoming Dr. Yedida Eisenstat, who received her BA at York and recently completed a PhD at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America, as an instructor. Among the courses, she will be teaching are Rabbinic Judaism, The Jewish Experience (now a 6 credit 1000-level General Education class, no longer a 9 credit 2000 class), and the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament in Context.

Course Openings

NOTE: Openings are available in almost all courses. Please make reference to the 2015-16 Jewish Studies Mini Calendar in the news section below for a detailed description of courses being offered.