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CCALLNET and CCALL Conference

From 1987-2002, Professors Mary-Louise Craven and Roberta Sinyor edited an informal semi-annual newsletter, CCALLNET (Canadian Computer-Assisted Language Learning Network at the Post-Secondary Level), and distributed it via snail-mail to our colleagues across Canada who taught languages to university students. For those colleagues interested in an historical overview of CALL activities please contact Professor Roberta Sinyor at

As well, members of the CALL community organized three pan-Canadian CALL conferences, and two of the conferences published Proceedings. Since both books are out of print, we have scanned the articles and made them available here {CALL: Papers and Reports, 1990; CALL Theory and Application: Proceedings for the CCALL2/CCELAO2, 19930

In an article, published in the CALICO Journal, 28.3, May 2011, we provide an overview of the contents of these newsletters and conference proceedings.