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Program Guidesheets

WORD 2010 for Japanese

  1. To open WORD, doubleclick on the icon for Microsoft WORD

  2. In the toolbar that appears in the lower right of the screen, locate EN and click on it. Then select JPJAPANESE for Input and click on it.

  3. Right click on JP and select Additional icons in the taskbar.

  4. A new box "A" will now appear in the same bottom right toolbar. Click on it and change Input to HIRAGANA and click.

  5. Check that the "A" in the box has changed to a Japanese Character.

  6. Type your text in romanization following the Japanese syllabary -- vowels, vowel and consonant combinations, double consonants for geminates (pp, ss, tt, ssh, kk ...), and n for the syllabic nasal (type n twice before vowels and y), and the text will appear on the screen in underlined Hiragana characters.

  7. When you come to the end of a word, phrase, or sentence, press the space bar to convert a string to the one including Kanji characters. Check each Kanji character as it appears in bold underline by moving the arrow cursor along to the right. If you are satisfied with the characters, press "Enter" and the text will appear in a string including Kanji characters without underlining.

  8. If you find that an automatic conversion is not correct, press the space bar and a menu of characters will appear from which you can select the correct one.

  9. Before saving the document you must click on JP and select EN (English)

  10. You may save your document to a USB key or to the "MLC X or F" drive on the York server.

  11. To exit the program, click on the small X in the upper right corner of the screen. When you exit WORD 2010, the program is set to default back to English, so you will need to reset for Japanese each time you open WORD.