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Program Guidesheets

WORD 2010 for Russian

  1. To open WORD, doubleclick on the icon for Microsoft WORD).

  2. Set the font to Cyrillic. To do this, locate the font menu in the horizontal toolbar on the top of the screen, by clicking on the arrow beside the "Times New Roman" heading. Scroll down the menu to the letter "T" and click on the cyrillic font (the fourth one after Times New Roman in the menu). The font box will now indicate "TL Help Cyrillic."

  3. The keyboard is now set to produce Russian letters corresponding to the English letters which most closely resemble them. Your instructor will explain this, as well as the examples of letters which are less obviously tied to the English standard keyboard.

Once you have typed your text, you can activate a spellcheck in Russian. To do this, highlight your text, then click on Click on : >>Review –>> Language- >>Set Proofing Language – >>Choose the Language- >>Set As Default->>Yes - >>Ok

  1. You can save your document to a USB key or to the "MLC X or F” drive on the York server.

  2. To exit the program, click on the small X in the upper right corner of the screen. When you exit WORD 2010, the program is set to default back to English, so you will need to reset for Russian each time you open WORD.