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Educators have found using social tools for group work is changing learning process  11/22/2014
Social media is already pervasive in our personal and work lives, so it only makes sense that it's being integrated into education, says Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano, a social media researcher and director in the department of languages, literatures and linguistics at York University. "The innovations brought through the use of social media have mainly to do with knowledge sharing and communication of ideas," she says. "We have to keep in mind the learning objectives and outcomes of a particular course to see how social media can enhance the content, not replace it," she says. In other words, the learning objectives should guide the choice of social tools.
Featuring: Prof. Roberta Iannacito-Provenzano | Read full story.


Does Ontario need a Charbonneau-style corruption inquiry?  11/18/2014
As the Quebec inquiry wrapped up last week, the question arises: Is Ontario’s economy, Canada's biggest, totally free from that kind of corruption? Or should it, too, undergo some form of scrutiny — perhaps a Charbonneau-lite? York University's MacDermid pointed out that one-off inquiries have arisen when specific allegations reached a boiling point. That happened in Toronto in the early 2000s, and in Mississauga in 2009.
Featuring:  Prof. Robert MacDermid | Read full story.


For frightened teen from Zimbabwe, Canada became a beacon of hope  11/16/2014
Dumo pushed through political science at York University. He met his Egyptian-born wife there (“It was fireworks,” he recalls). With Dallas cheering him on, he went to law school at Osgoode Hall. He is now a practising lawyer, specializing in immigration and criminal law.
Featuring: Alumni Dumo Siziba | Read full story.


Hamilton - democracy or oligarchy?  11/12/2014
Democracy is government by the people, especially a majority. Oligarchy is government by the few. So, does a voter turnout of 34 per cent make Hamilton a democracy or an oligarchy? York University political scientist Robert MacDermid notes the strong relationship between income and voting at the municipal level, with homeowners being far more motivated than renters. Renters don't see a tax bill because it's buried in their rents. Homeowners not only see their tax bills, they're aware that many municipal services relate to home ownership. But MacDermid doesn't think it's fair to just blame voters for low turnouts. He says municipal candidates often do a poor job reaching out and it takes a lot of work to find out what they stand for. It's easier at the federal and provincial levels. With that in mind, MacDermid thinks city councils could benefit from the kind of party systems that crop up in other jurisdictions. In theory, party organizations would be in better position to do outreach and engagement between elections.
Featuring:  Prof. Robert MacDermid | Read full story.


Jesus married with kids: New book claims Jesus had a family  11/10/2014

Featuring: Barrie Wilson | Read full story.

2014 Stories

Below you'll find a selection of stories in reverse-chronological order. You can re-order the contents of the table below by clicking on a column heading.

1Educators have found using social tools for group work is changing learning processProf. Roberta Iannacito-ProvenzanoTechnology is disruptive. Increasingly, educators are making disruption work in the classroom by harnessing social tools and virtual study groups to mLanguages Literatures and LinguisticsThe Toronto Star11/22/2014
2Taxpayers billed for guilty justices’ legal fees Prof. Ian GreeneJPs found guilty of judicial misconduct are getting their legal bills paid for by the public purse. Public Policy & AdministrationOurWindsor.ca11/21/2014
3High-end condos for sale... in occupied Palestinian territories Prof.Saeed RahnemaDiscussion on East Jerusalem and a the future of a negotiated Palestinian state.Equity Studiesrabble.ca11/20/2014
4Panel says fear mongering on campus exaggeratedProf Marty LockshinConcerns about anti-Semitic events at post-secondary institutions – – but fear mongering is being exaggerated HumanitiesJewish Tribune11/18/2014
5Should city councillors have term limits? Prof. Dennis PilonTired of watching municipal incumbents hold power for years, even decades, Vass Bednar is leading a push for term limits on city councils.Political ScienceMetro News11/18/2014
6Does Ontario need a Charbonneau-style corruption inquiry? Prof. Robert MacDermidScandals have arisen in province, experts say, but not to the 'crisis' level of QuebecPolitical ScienceCBC11/18/2014
7For frightened teen from Zimbabwe, Canada became a beacon of hopeAlumni Dumo SizibaDumo Siziba fled Zimbabwe at age 16, fearing for his life. Welcomed into Canada “with open arms,” he is now a lawyer is working to pay it forward.Political ScienceThe Toronto Star11/16/2014
8Are you suffering from political burn-out?Prof. Dennis PilonMany believe we are being overloaded with election informationPolitical ScienceVictoria News 113011/12/2014
9Hamilton - democracy or oligarchy? Prof. Robert MacDermidThe idea that voters are typical of non-voters is falling on hard times Political ScienceThe Hamilton Spectator11/12/2014
10Preparing for battle: political parties stockpiling millions for election Prof. Robert MacDermidFederal political parties are stockpiling their war chests for a multimillion-dollar advertising blitz.Political ScienceOttawa Citizen11/11/2014
11Jesus married with kids: New book claims Jesus had a familyBarrie WilsonJesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene, and the “historic” couple had two children suggests a new book scheduled for release later this week. HumanitiesExaminer.com11/10/2014
12And after unpaid internships? Then what?Prof. Steven TuftsBank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz suggest that young people discouraged by unemployment should work for free to bolster resume.GeographyFinancial Post11/7/2014
13Remembering the First World War: WWI in the Middle EastProf. Thabit AbdullahHow the war a century ago still resonates in the tensions and violence that mark the region today.HistoryTVO - The Agenda11/6/2014
14Choosing Toronto's next top cop; Small turnout at public meetings reflects altered police landscapeProf.Margaret Beare Nearly 10 years ago, Torontonians gathered in droves, filling up half of city hall's expansive rotunda, to have their say about the city's next policeDepartment of SociologyToronto Star11/6/2014
15Has Canada seen the last of the boat peopleJennifer HyndmanHow much Canada's attitude toward providing a safe haven has changedSocial Science, Centre for Refugee StudiesThe Globe and Mail10/18/2014
16The mission against ISIS fails the test of national interestProf. James Laxerhe idea that Canada is morally compelled to involve itself in this particular operation against ISIS at this particular time is bogus.Political ScienceThe Toronto Star10/14/2014
17Test of faith: Hamilton churches fight for survival Prof. Ranu BasuThe fight for survival; Declining membership is the central challenge, according to church leaders and the experts. GeographyThe Hamilton Spectator10/11/2014
18How to improve board diversity without resorting to quotas and ‘tokenism’Prof. Richard LeBlancThe boards of directors of Canadian corporations, charged with overseeing the activities of a business, are not representative of the general populatiAdministrative StudiesFinancial Post10/6/2014
19If Canadian fighter pilots are sent to bomb ISIS, they will be attacking the same rebels they supported in LibyaProf. Martin ShadwickThe Conservative government contemplates sending CF-18 fighter jets into Iraq, Political ScienceNational Post10/1/2014
20Survey confirms: Toronto residents are less happy with their mayor than other GTA citiesProf. Lesley Jacobs, David NorthrupYork University study of voter attitudes across the GTA also finds surprising support for increased taxes and for cutting police budgets.Political Science, Institute for Social ResearchToronto Star10/1/2014
21Jews have been in the Native art business since its inceptionProf. David KoffmanKoffman spoke about Immigrant Jews and ‘Indian Curios,’ as part of the centre’s 2014 Switzer Cooperstock Lecture SeriesHistoryJewish Tribune9/30/2014
22Hong Kong protests: 5 things to know about the 'umbrella revolution'Prof. Susan HendersChina's decision to restrict candidate nominations for Hong Kong's election for chief executive has sparked massive protests.Political ScienceCBC9/30/2014
23Does believing in guardian angels keep you safe?Prof. David EtkinStudy by York University, Canada, looked at belief and risk-taking behaviour Administrative StudiesMailOnline9/29/2014
24Can Canada do for Syrians what it did for boat people?Prof. Howard AdelmanHow a meeting in a Toronto living room ended up changing the lives of 60,000 Vietnamese refugeesPhilosophyThe Toronto Star9/26/2014
25Currency woes if Scots vote Yes Stephen BrookeYork University's Stephen Brooke says it's questionable if Scotland will keep the British pound, go to the Euro or another currency.HistoryThe Loop - CTV News9/19/2014
26Scottish vote is differentProf. Jim LaxerWhat about Scotland peacefully seceding from the United Kingdom?Equity StudiesThe Toronto Star9/17/2014
27Brother replaces Toronto’s Ford as he withdraws bid for re-election following abdominal tumour Prof Richard LeblancToronto Mayor Rob Ford withdrew his bid for re-election after being hospitalised with an abdominal tumour. His brother Doug Ford will run instead.Administrative Studiesmalaymail online9/13/2014
28Seven public trustee candidates band togetherProf Richard LeblancSeven candidates in the upcoming Hamilton public school election have banded together under a platform.Administrative StudiesHamilton Spectator9/4/2014
29Rob Ford promises to ‘bore, bore’ bore’ subways — without a tax increaseProf. Roger KeilRob Ford says his campaign promise to build 32 kilometres of subway tunnels beneath Toronto streets - paid for with funding Political ScienceThe Toronto Star9/4/2014
30Could some form of socialist economics make a comeback?Prof Leo PanitchDoes the internet and other electronic developments had ended the ability of governments to tame global capitalism.Political ScienceABC Australia9/3/2014
31After Rana Plaza, what can we do for workers?Profs Ananya Mukherjee, Darryl ReedThis Labour Day let us support not only the rights of garment workers around the world, but also their vision. Political Science, Business and SocietyThe Toronto Star9/1/2014
32The U.S. Still Decides the Future of Capitalism, Not the G20, and Not the BRICS NationsProf. Leo PanitchThe G20 was designed to get the major “emerging market” states to take responsibility alongside the G7 for the “international financial architecturePolitical ScienceGlobalResearch.ca8/31/2014
33If A Computer Can Diagnose Cancer, Will Doctors Become Obsolete?Prof. Benjamin SandThere’s some evidence that growth is stalling for higher-skill occupations and are also experiencing stagnant wages.EconomicsFiveThirtyEightEconomics8/22/2014
34Olivia Chow, John Tory toe the negative campaign lineProf.Robert MacDermidLeading mayoral candidates Olivia Chow and John Tory both said Wednesday they hoped the campaign wouldn’t get dirtier.Political ScienceMetro8/21/2014
35Keeping out of the mud is harder than the NPA would have you believe Prof. Dennis PilonVancouver politians signed a pledge to refrain from personal attacks in the upcoming election.Political ScienceThe Globe and Mail8/17/2014
36Michael Brown shooting: The police's military-like response to Missouri riotsProf. Margaret BeareIt's important to distinguish between the military and police, justice experts say, and look at why it matters that the line between them is blurring.Department of SociologyCBC8/14/2014
37Toronto has 15th most millionaires in the worldLes JacobsA new survey ranks Toronto 15th globally when it comes to the city’s concentration of millionaires.Political Science, Institute for Social ResearchYongeStreet8/13/2014
38Scotland's independence struggle quite unlike Quebec'sProf. James LaxerNext month, Scots will decide in a referendum whether to make Scotland an independent country or to remain in the United Kingdom.Political ScienceThe Toronto Star8/12/2014
39Jobs data point toward demographic shiftsProf. Thomas KlassenCanada's labour participation rate, the number of people who either have been or are looking for employment, is at its lowest point in 13 yearsPublic Policy & AdministrationThe Globe and Mail8/5/2014
40In 1914 Canada answered a call to duty. Could we do it again?Prof. Jack GranatsteinThe First World War stands as the biggest, most deadly task Canada has ever undertaken.HistoryMacleans8/4/2014
41Should kids of Filipino caregivers get more help not less?Professor Philip KellyA rumoured move by Ottawa to make it harder for Filipino caregivers to bring relatives to Canada could deprive their children.GeographyThe Toronto Star8/2/2014
42Saskatchewan set as political battleground in 2015 electionProf Dennis PilonExperts say Saskatchewan is set to become a battleground province in Canada’s 2015 election.Political ScienceMetro8/1/2014
43Solidarity, group farming and solar panels in the jungles of KeralaProf. Ananya Mukherjee A social solidarity movement is transforming the lives of millions of poor women in Kerala, south IndiaPolitical ScienceEcologist8/1/2014
44Bill Blair's rocky relationship with the Ford brothersProf Denis PilonMayor Rob Ford and brother Doug Ford once hailed the chief, but that all soured after the crack video. Political ScienceThe Toronto Star7/31/2014
45Do you have a diary? Now there's an app for thatProf. Priscila UppalSoftware developer to fuse his passion for writing with his day job in creating Remembary.EnglishTimes Colonist (Victoria)7/31/2014
46An Aristocrat's Education in War: Deborah Neill on Count Harry KesslerProf Deborah NeilDiscuss the origins of the First World War, and the German role in particular.HistoryThe Agenda7/22/2014
47Little Portugal lives; Despite neighbourhood's gentrificationProf. Robert MurdieBut one thing has been slow to change during Little Portugal's high-speed transformation into a yuppie theme park: the presence of Portuguese people. GeographyThe Toronto Star7/19/2014
48Nearly 50% of grade 12 students in Ontario report texting while driving,Institute for Social Research An ongoing survey of Ontario students in grades 7 to 12 conducted for the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) Social Science, Institute for Social ResearchCNW, Toronto Star7/9/2014
49Rob Ford is back, but has the city reached a 'plateau of unhappiness'?Prof. Dennis PilonOnly a few days back from rehab, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has already faced condemnation from fellow politicians and confrontations with citizens.Political ScienceCBC7/5/2014
50Campaigning or communicating? Rules not clear for Richmond Hill candidatesProf. Robert MacDermidbuilding and marketing of simplified ideas.Political ScienceRichmond Hill Liberal7/3/2014
51What Marketers Can Learn From Contemporary ArtProf. Don ThompsonReview of Thompson's book The Supermodel and the Brillo BoxEconomicsstrategy + business7/1/2014
52Rob Ford returns: But can he still win the mayoral race?Prof. Dennis PilonRob Ford emerges today from his self-imposed time-out of more than two months, the world will see a slimmer, healthier and rehabilitated mayor.Political ScienceCBC News6/30/2014
53Income inequality in a fairer CanadaProf. Les Jacobs, Prof. David NorthrupSurvey shows Canadians want governments to do more to address income gap, not less Political Science, Institute for Social ResearchToronto Star6/30/2014
54Immigration experts say Bill C-24 discriminatory and weakens citizenshipProf. Luin GoldringWith Bill C-24, the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, Ottawa has dramatically redefined the narrative of what it is to be Canadian.Department of SociologyToronto Star6/28/2014
55Supreme Court rules against Wal-Mart over closing of Quebec storeProf.David DooreyWal-Mart Canada Corp. broke Quebec's labour laws when it shut a store in Jonquiere almost a decade ago.Human Resource ManagementThe Globe and Mail6/27/2014
56Social workers root for place in communityProf. Susan McGrathProject seeks to document local social practices, preserve Rwandan culture, values and needs, and incorporate the practices into university curricula.Social WorkThe New Times - Rwanda's First Daily6/27/2014
574 out of 5 Liberal MPPs from York Region in Kathleen Wynne's cabinetProf. Robert DrummondOntario Premier Kathleen Wynne unveiled her cabinet for the 41st session of the provincial legislature Political ScienceEast Gwillimbury Era 6/26/2014
58The CBC’s a service, not a business Prof. Wade RowlandThe CBC’s strategic plan to shift priorities from broadcast to digital services and outsource virtually all but news and current affairs.Communication StudiesThe Globe and Mail6/26/2014
59Do any MPPs really want to hear about our declined votes?Prof. Dennis Pilon31,399 voters in Ontario felt dissatisfied with all of the candidates, parties and leaders to show up to a polling station and decline their ballots.Political ScienceAurora Banner6/25/2014
60What American Apparel CEO Dov Charney’s ouster says about the new world of corporate leadershipProf. Richard LeBlancThe long leash is tightening on chief executives — especially those charismatic founders whose influence have made them seemingly untouchable.Administrative StudiesFinancial Post6/23/2014
61Record number of York Region voters decline ballotsProf. Denis Pilon, Prof. Bob DrummondA larger number of voters opted to decline their ballots in the 2014 election than ever before. Political, Aurora Banner6/20/2014
62Solidarity and Solar Panels in Kerala Prof. Ananya Mukherjee When 60 women in Edamalakudi carried about a hundred solar panels on their heads across 18 kilometres they made history of sorts.Political ScienceCounter Punch6/20/2014
63Conditions deemed ripe for action on income inequalityProf. Lesley JacobsBroad concern about income inequality and a strong belief among Canadians that governments can play a role in reducing it.Social Science, Institute for Social Research, Law and SocietyToronto Star6/18/2014
64Kathleen Wynne silent on concerns over secrecy of justice of the peace complaintsProf. Ian GreenePremier Kathleen Wynne and her government remain silent on the secrecy around complaints filed against justices of the peace in Ontario.Public Policy & AdministrationMetro6/17/2014
65How did Kathleen Wynne turn a minority into a majority?Prof. Dennis PilonWynne's government election hobbled by a massive deficit and spending scandals but managed to eke out a majority,Political ScienceThe loop6/13/2014
66The Downward RampProf. Ben SandWith the bursting of the tech bubble came a halt to growth at the high end of the job market.EconomicsThe New York Times6/10/2014
67Polar Challenge: Extreme Conditions Put High Cost on Arctic OperationsProf. Martin ShadwickThe Canadian government has vowed to significantly boost military capability in the Arctic.Political ScienceDefenseNews6/10/2014
68Why employers prefer retirees who don’t need to workProf. Thomas KlassenRetirees looking for part-time work may have a good chance if their reason is more than financial. Political ScienceToronto Star6/9/2014
69Politics of the toiletProf. Sheila CavanaghProfessor Cavanagh discusses the origins of her book and play.Department of SociologyDaily Xtra6/9/2014
70Shah's son seeks Iranian diaspora's supportProf. Saeed RahnemaReza Pahlavi's life has been consumed by a single mission: ousting the Islamic regime that overthrew his father in Iran's 1979 revolution.Political ScienceThe Globe and Mail6/7/2014
71Most of us just going through election motionsProf. Dennis PilonWhat if they called an election and no one cared? Political ScienceAurora Banner6/4/2014
72Observers call Ont. election debate underwhelming Prof. Robert MacDermidThe lukewarm sparring between Ontario's major political leaders in the election debate Tuesday night failed to impress observers.Political ScienceCP246/4/2014
73The next frontier for human rights: the humble public toiletProf. Sheila CavanaghNew bathroom sensitivity comes from advocates for transgender rights, Department of SociologyThe Globe and Mail6/3/2014
74Saving CBC Means They Must Cut Ads and We Must Boost Funding Prof Wade RowlanProfessor Rowland provides his solution to CBC funding and counters Andre Coyne's view.Communication StudiesHuffington Post6/3/2014
75Tell Me a Story, How Stories Spark the ImaginationProf. Raymond MarrThere are many reasons why humans love a good story. For children it helps spark their imagination,EnglishMississauga News6/2/2014
76Will their old age be bleak and hungry?; Action on pensions is urgent, but many disagree on a planProf. Tom KlassenMore than three million Ontario workers are staring at a bleak and hungry old age because they haven't saved enough. Administrative StudiesThe Hamilton Spectator6/2/2014
77Ontario Election 2014 Campaign Expected To Get Much Nastier, Say Critics Prof Dennis PilonDespite allegations of corruption, recklessness, dishonesty, and possibly criminal behaviours this election has not been especially nasty.Political ScienceHuffingtonpost.ca6/1/2014
78Winds of change begin to howl; The gender dividesProf. Robert A. KenedyNothing the Canadian Association For Equality does, even a picnic, is untouched by controversy and outrage in the modern gender wars. Social ScienceNational Post5/31/2014
79Most election polls unreliable: expertsProf. Daniel Cohn Veteran pollsters have a word of advice for Ontario voters getting seasick from riding the shifting tides of the province's election survey results.Public Policy & AdministrationWaterloo Region Record 5/30/2014
80Toronto’s South Asian community confronts violence against women at homeProf. Vijay AgnewThe issue of violence against women in India, members of Toronto’s South Asian community the same problems exist in our own backyard. Gender Sexuality and Women's StudiesCitynews.ca5/30/2014
81Organizing precarious workers: Unions think sector-wide to help freelancers Prof. Stephanie RossThe Canadian Media Guild (CMG), are hoping that by bringing media workers together to network, they can get them thinking about working conditions.Social Sciencerabble.ca5/30/2014
82Brian Mulroney to be named chairman of media and telecom giant Quebecor Inc. Prof. Richard LeblancMulroney takes charge at Quebecor; Federalist former PM becomes chairman as company distances itself from Peladeau, a high-profile Parti Quebecois MLAAdministrative StudiesThe Globe and Mail5/29/2014
83Academics reveal extent of hollowing out of Canadian middle classProf. Benjamin SandIn a 2013 co-written paper, he looked at how wage inequality, employment, and wage polarization have evolved over the last four decades in Canada.Economicsstraight.com5/29/2014
84Hopelessness sign of problem that could lead to suicideProf. Gordon FlettExperts agree, the teenage years can present a whole host of pressures - most of which can easily be managed with the right support .Dept. of Psychology, LaMarsh Centre for Child and Youth Research, Dept of Psychology, Faculty of HealthBarrie Advance5/28/2014
85Organizing precarious workers: Workers' centres open their doors Prof Stephanie RossWorkers' centres like Toronto's Workers' Action Centre have become one of the organizations that are organizing precarious workers.Social ScienceRabble.ca5/28/2014
86Organizing precarious workers: Looking for a new modelProf. Stephanie RossToday, there exists no industry in which you will not find precarious workers.Social ScienceRabble.ca5/27/2014
87University in Ontario is cheaper than you thinkProf. George FallisYork University Economics professor George Fallis claims that tuition in Ontario is cheaper than it looks.EconomicsToronto Star5/27/2014
88Ontario pension plan good politics, bad policy Prof. Thomas KlassenThe unprecedented proposal by the province to create its own public pension plan to supplement the Canada Pension Plan is magnificent politics.Public Policy & AdministrationToronto Star5/26/2014
89New issue: Refuge journal – CRS (UK)Centre for Refugee StudiesFounded in 1981, Refuge is an interdisciplinary journal published two times a year by the Centre for Refugee Studies at York University. Equity Studies, Centre for Refugee StudiesThe Brotherhood Library Current Awareness Portal5/21/2014
90Report supports making outdoor spaces smoke-freeInstitute for Social ResearchA new report from the haldimand-Norfolk health unit recommends the development of a bylaw that would ban smoking in outdoor spaces. Social Science, Institute for Social ResearchNiagara Falls Review5/15/2014
91Why Rob Ford isn’t done yetProf. Denis PilonArmed with a possible redemption arc, the Rob Ford saga is far from over.Political ScienceMacleans5/13/2014
92Reviving Canada's manufacturing capacityProf. Frank MieleAfter years of fleeing North America for the low wage climes of China, manufacturers are coming back. Public Policy & AdministrationThe Hamilton Spectator5/8/2014
93Ontario reveals plans for pension plan, says it can be integrated with CPPProf. Thomas KlassenOntario released a blueprint for a homegrown pension plan in its spring budget Thursday, but left the door open to expanding the program to other provPolitical ScienceThe Canadian Press5/8/2014
94 Clement fires back after Wynne accuses PM of ignoring needs of Ontario Prof. Robert DrummondProfessor Drummond comments on Treasury Board president Tony Clement jumping into the Ontario election.Public Policy & AdministrationCP24.com5/8/2014
95Queer Axe FolkProf. Sheila CavanaghThe Queer Axe Folk (QAF), are LGBT who come out to try their hand at what one Toronto blog has dubbed the city’s “newest homegrown sport.”Gender Sexuality and Women's StudiesDailyXtra5/7/2014
96The Ethics of Spider-ManProf. J. KeepingIn Spider-Man and Philosophy: The Web of Inquiry, a group academics examine the exploits of the superhero against a host of ethical issues.HumanitiesNational Catholic Register5/4/2014
97Why Is Asbestos Still Killing People? Prof. Jessica van HorssenA twisting tale of industry cover-ups and misinformation that spans decades.HistoryPacific Standard5/2/2014
98CIBC's CEO search expected to include outside candidatesProf. Richard LeblancCanadian Imperial Bank of Commerce said it would consider hiring an outsider as chief executive officer.Administrative StudiesThe Globe and Mail5/2/2014
99NDP key to determining if budget will result in electionProf. Robert DrummondAnalysis of the Ontario budget and its potential to cause an election.Political ScienceCambridge Times5/1/2014
100Not all Ontario workers will pay into proposed pension planProf. Thomas KlassenOntario released a blueprint for a homegrown pension plan in its spring budget.Political ScienceCTV News5/1/2014
101New Economic Model Needed to Combat PovertyProf. David LangilleProfessor Langille explores changing the economic model in Canada to combat poverty.Social ScienceThe Owen Sound Sun Times4/29/2014
102Film Brings Pompeii Back to LifeProf. Jonathan EdmondsonProfessor Edmondson speaks about his work as an advisor on the film.HistoryThe Guardian4/26/2014
103Canada builds ties with emerging foreign-aid playersProf. Gregory ChinProfessor Chin recommends implementing strategies with foreign partners.Political ScienceEmbassy4/23/2014
104Foundation of American PowerProf. Thomas KlassenProfessor Klassen examines the decline of American power.Political ScienceThe Korea Herald4/20/2014
105Almost Half of Canada’s Navy Vessels Under Repair Prof. Martin ShadwickProfessor Shadwick discusses Canada's Political ScienceOttawa Citizen4/19/2014
106How Rob Ford Could Win AgainProf. Robert DrummondProfessor Drummond examines how Mayor Rob Ford could be re-elected.Political ScienceCBC News4/18/2014
107 Middle Eastern scholar discusses democracy, nonviolence in Iran Prof. Ramin JahanbeglooJahanbegloo gave a lecture on democracy and nonviolence in Iran at the University of GeorgiaPolitical Science, York - NoorThe Red and Black4/15/2014
108B.C. conflict-of-interest rules 'deficient';Prof. Richard LeblancProvincial conflict-of interest rules, which bar heads of Crown corporations from immediately taking similar employment in the private sector, exist eAdministrative StudiesThe Globe and Mail 4/14/2014
109Ecology as Politics: The Origins of EcosocialismProf. Greg Albo , Umair Muhammad,Presentation and analysis of Andre Gorz's Ecology as Politics Political Sciencerabble.ca4/9/2014
110King Township councillor defends absencesProf.Robert MacDermidComments of councillor's 2-1/2-month vacation while council is still in session.Political ScienceKing Connection4/9/2014
111Sunshine list didn't keep salaries in lineProf. Daniel CohnProfessor Cohn discusses the province's annual sunshine list.Public Policy & AdministrationOttawa Sun4/2/2014
112New Chair, Same BossProf. Richard LeblancProfessor Leblanc on Telus's Corps Executive Chair Administrative StudiesThe Globe and Mail4/1/2014
113Banker Suicides on the RiseProf. Richard LeblancProfessor Leblanc explains why he believes management should be accountable for staff suicides.Administrative StudiesFinancial Post3/24/2014
114What’s in it for Volunteer Lobbyists?Prof. Robert MacDermidProfessor MacDermid examines the legality of mayoral candidates working with lobbyists.Political ScienceMetro News3/19/2014
115Political Trash-talking Getting WorseProf. Dennis PilonProfessor Pilon discusses the success politicians have in Political ScienceThe Toronto Star3/18/2014
116Olivia Chow Runs for MayorProf. Robert DrummondProfessor Drummond Rob Ford's chances in mayoral racePolitical ScienceHamilton Spectator3/14/2014
117Support for Reform ActProf. Dennis PilonProfessor Pilon speaks about the Reform Act at a public forum in Brampton.Political ScienceBrampton Guardian3/4/2014
118Pushing for Peace TalksProf. Bruce HicksProfessor Hicks discusses Putin's actions in Ukraine and Obama's reaction.Political ScienceCTV News (Video)3/4/2014
119The Prescription for ManufacturingProf. Andrew JacksonProfessor Jackson calls for enhanced tax incentives for companies that invest heavily in new equipment.Political ScienceThe Toronto Star2/27/2014
120Nature's PastProf. Sean KherajProfessor Kheraj examines Canada's environmental history in this audio series of interviewsHistoryCanada's History (Audio)2/27/2014
121Behavioural Problems in Children Due to StressProf. Stuart ShankerProfessor Shanker explains that behavioural problems in children are linked to stress and sleep deprivation.PhilosophyAbbotsford News2/27/2014
122Professor Uppal's New Play to PremiereProf. Priscila UppalProfessor Uppal discusses her new play EnglishYork Guardian2/27/2014
123Ukrainian Delegation to Kyiv Conservative OnlyProf. Bruce HicksProfessor Hicks points out the mistake of PCs inviting their own MPs to Ukrainian delegation.Political ScienceCanada.com2/26/2014
124How To Get the Best Words from Your ReferencesProf. Mary Jo DucharmeProfessor Ducharme advises job-seekers to get references from those with whom they work closely.Administrative Studies, School of Human Resource ManagementThe Globe and Mail2/25/2014
125Jews Today are Divided, ComplicatedProf. Kalman WeiserProfessor Weiser discusses diversity within the Jewish populationHistoryJewish Tribune2/25/2014
126Honouring Elders on Your Wedding DayProf. Leo DavidsProfessor Davids explains the importance of including older relatives in the marriage ceremony.Department of SociologyWeddingbells2/25/2014
127What's Coming Down the Track?Prof. Ali AsgaryProfessor Asgary discusses the dangers in trasporting hazardous materialsAdministrative StudiesHamilton Community News2/21/2014
128David T. McNab, Professor at York UniversityProf. David T. McNabIn this radio interview, Professor McNab discusses his new book Equity StudiesNation Talk (Audio)2/18/2014
129Let Employees Watch OlympicsProf. Richard LeblancProfessor Leblanc explains the benefits to good employers in allowing their staff to watch the Olympics.Administrative StudiesThe Toronto Star2/18/2014
130Laval, Marie de l’Incarnation Intertwined with Canada’s History Prof. Boyd CothranProfessor CothranHistoryThe Catholic Register2/17/2014
131The Valentine’s Day TreatyProf. Boyd CothranProfessor Cothran examines Elijah Steele's unauthorized peace agreement in 1864.HistoryNew York Times2/14/2014
132Is the PQ Ready to Rumble?Prof. Bruce HicksProfessor Hicks examines the political fallout of the new budget in Quebec.Political ScienceThe Montreal Gazette (Audio)2/12/2014
133Tory Senators Expense Business-Class Flights with SpousesProf. Ian GreeneProfessor Greene discusses the Public Policy & AdministrationCBC News2/12/2014
134Income Gap Study Shows Canadians Troubled By ‘Less Fair’ SocietyDavid Northrup, Director of Survey Research, Prof. Lesley JacobsDavid Northrup reveals his findings on a new surveu indicating Canadians feel society today is Social Science, Institute for Social ResearchThe Toronto Star2/6/2014
135Long-life Laptop Battery the Tech Industry Doesn’t Want You to HaveProf. Mark SchwartzProfessor Schwartz offers advice to Gbatteries for their new technology.Administrative StudiesThe Globe and Mail2/5/2014
136Empire's Ally: Canada and the War in AfghanistanProf. Greg AlboBook review on Professor Alba's new book.Political ScienceOpEd News1/31/2014
137Hudak and His Key Policy Losing SupportProf. David DooreyProfessor Doorey examines Hudak's right-to-work policy.Human Resource ManagementView Magazine1/30/2014
138Canada Needs Sound Fiscal ThinkingProf. Andrew JacksonProfessor Jackson analyzes proposed budget legislation.Political ScienceThe Globe and Mail1/28/2014
139Corporate Directors Need Outside VettingProf. Richard LeblancProfessor Leblanc examines the need for outside vetting of corporate directors.Administrative StudiesThe National Post1/27/2014
140How a Ghanaian Refugee Worked His Way to a NYC Law FirmAlumnus Kwame DouganMr. Dougan addresses the Dean's Circle of Scholars and says that poverty was his movtivation.Political ScienceThe Toronto Star1/27/2014
141Who Made That Tricycle?Prof. Glen NorcliffeProfessor Norcliffe discusses the European origins of the tricycle.GeographyNew York Times1/24/2014
142Co-operation and Creativity Needed for Pensions and Job TrainingProf. Thomas KlassenProfessor Klassen examines Ontario's new pension plan policy.Political ScienceThe Toronto Star1/24/2014
143The Transition from School to Work Can be Less Stressful Prof. Thomas KlassenProfessor Klassen discusses employment opportunities for new graduates.Political ScienceThe Toronto Star1/24/2014
144Syriza Succeeds in Greece by Challenging Approach to Reform Prof. Leo PanitchProfessor Panitch discusses the failures of social democratic reform in Europe.Political ScienceThe Real News1/22/2014
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