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Global Politics

The study of global politics focuses on diverse ways of thinking about political community; issues of diversity and inequality; the nature of security, peace, and violence; and the direction and contours of major transformations in global, regional, and 'domestic' politics. It ties processes and structures of ‘globalization’ and ‘transnationalism’ to politics within, beyond, and amongst states in relation to several subthemes: political institutions and processes; peace and security; human rights and justice; political economy; gender, culture, and identity; and transformations from modernity, communism, and authoritarian rule.

For possible career options compatible with the above themes, see our Careers page.

Alumni Feedback

The study of Global Politics can lead to a career in international relations, foreign affairs, global relations and provincial trade organizations. "(I) learned the basics of international relations and institutions and the theory behind international law. My political science degree provided me with the necessary knowledge and analysis of issues needed to function in any capacity for an international/local organization." Grace Chau (1999 Graduate)

I would recommend the study of Middle Eastern Politics. It has allowed me to understand all aspects of a highly sensitive subject. Jerome Haba

"My political science degree has helped me to think beyond our Canadian borders. It expanded my mind to take into consideration factors and variables from the international realm. The study of global politics is important when looking at the rest of the world and how it affects the corporation you work for."
Political Science Graduate 1999


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The Process of Urban Politics I

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Global Issues In Foreign Policy

AP/POLS 3240 3.0 Multilateralism I
AP/POLS 3250 3.0 Multilateralism II
AP/POLS 3260 6.0 War and Peace in the Middle East
AP/POLS 3270 3.0 Global Political Economy I
AP/POLS 3275 3.0 Global Political Economy II
AP/POLS 3280 3.0 Canada and World Affairs
AP/POLS 3400 3.0 Political Economy of Industrial Democracies
AP/POLS 3401 3.0 Post-Communist Transformations
AP/POLS 3455 3.0 Topics in Women and Politics
AP/POLS 3500 3.0 The Rise and Fall of Communism in Russia and Eastern Europe
AP/POLS 3510 3.0 China: Path to Modernization and Democracy
AP/POLS 3515 3.0 China:  21st Century Superpower
AP/POLS 3550 3.0 Central America: Revolution and Counter Revolution
AP/POLS 3553 6.0 Political Economy of Latin America & Caribbean  
AP/POLS 3555 3.0 South America: Dictatorship and Democracy
AP/POLS 3560 6.0 The Global South
AP/POLS 3570 3.0 Africa: The Politics of Continental Crisis
AP/POLS 3900 3.0 Local to Global
AP/POLS 4035 6.0

The Emergence of Modernity

AP/POLS 4075 3.0 Encounters of Islam and Modernity
AP/POLS 4117 3.0 Political Economy of NAFTA
AP/POLS 4175 6.0 Canadian Federalism in Comparative Perspective
AP/POLS 4200 6.0 International Relations Theory
AP/POLS 4205 3.0 New German Politics and European Integration
AP/POLS 4210 3.0 Peace Research
AP/POLS 4212 3.0 Global Justice and Humanitarian Internationalism
AP/POLS 4215 3.0 Multilateralism
AP/POLS 4220 3.0 Canadian International Security Policy
AP/POLS 4225 3.0 Canada and the Americas
AP/POLS 4230 3.0
Canadian Defence Policy
AP/POLS 4245 3.0
Gender & International Relations
AP/POLS 4250 3.0 Canadian Foreign Policy
AP/POLS 4255 6.0 Issues in International Human Rights
AP/POLS 4260 3.0 Politics Capstone: Contemporary Security Studies
AP/POLS 4265 3.0 Human Rights and Democracy in Asia
AP/POLS 4270 3.0 United States Foreign Policy
AP/POLS 4280 6.0 Russia in World Affairs
AP/POLS 4285 3.0 Int'l Political Economy of Eastern Asia
AP/POLS 4290 3.0 Politics Capstone: Topics in International Political Economy
AP/POLS 4291 3.0 Capital & Power in Global Political Economy
AP/POLS 4295 3.0 Political Economy of Global Finance
AP/POLS 4403 3.0 Economic Unions and Globalization
AP/POLS 4515 3.0 European Union
AP/POLS 4520 3.0 Nationalism, Communism & Imperialism
AP/POLS 4540 6.0 Caribbean Politics
AP/POLS 4546 3.0 Politics, Society & Democracy in the U.S.
AP/POLS 4555 3.0 Latin American Development
AP/POLS 4575 3.0 The Politics of Southern Africa
AP/POLS 4590 3.0 Political Development in South Asia
AP/POLS 4595 3.0 Southeast Asia in the New Global Order
AP/POLS 4905 3.0 Political Economy and Political Power Capstone
AP/POLS 4985 6.0 Global Political Studies Honours Colloquium