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Political Thought

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Alumni Feedback

"Political philosophy is a grounding to understanding all theories of political standing. Take at least 2 courses in this field to gain a solid foundation to branch out from." Teresa Martin Grier

"Political theory makes you think critically and teaches you how to analyze and make arguments for or against existing ideas. The study of theory is a great background for studying law in Canada." Graduate, currently studying law

Related Courses

  Related Courses
AP/POLS 3011 3.0 Politics of Sexuality
AP/POLS 3020 3.0 Utopia, Power and Sovereignty
AP/POLS 3025 3.0 A Century of Revolution
AP/POLS 3040 6.0 Modern Political Thought: Kant to Foucault
AP/POLS 3065 3.0 Political Culture of Race and Racism
AP/POLS 3070 3.0 Psychology and Politics
AP/POLS 3075 3.0 Law, Justice and Jurisprudence
AP/POLS 4015 3.0 Theories of Justice
AP/POLS 4025 3.0 Freedom and Equality
AP/POLS 4030 3.0 Classical Political Theory
AP/POLS 4035 6.0

The Emergence of Modernity

AP/POLS 4045 3.0 Ecology, Politics and Theory
AP/POLS 4055 3.0 The Idea of Democracy
AP/POLS 4065 3.0 Critical Theory: Society and Politics
AP/POLS 4071 3.0 The Politics of Cyberspace
AP/POLS 4075 3.0 Encounters of Islam and Modernity
AP/POLS 4080 3.0 The Philosophy of Toleration
AP/POLS 4090 3.0 Classical Marxist Theory
AP/POLS 4091 3.0 Marxism, Feminism, Poststructuralism
AP/POLS 4103 3.0 Diversity and Politics in Canada
AP/POLS 4106 3.0 Ethical Politics
AP/POLS 4180 6.0 Politics and the Mass Media in Canada
AP/POLS 4185 6.0 Culture and Communication
AP/POLS 4520 3.0 Nationalism, Communism & Imperialism
AP/POLS 4906 3.0 Political Thought Capstone