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Research in LA&PS

Office of Research Ethics

Universities across Canada have signed Memoranda of Understanding to implement the Ethics Code as outlined by the Tri-Council Policy Statement (TCPS). York Senate Policy closely adheres to the tenets outlined in the TCPS.

The Senate of York University affirms that researchers must respect the safety, welfare, and dignity of human participants in their research and treat them equally and fairly.

York Senate policy is intended to serve as joint protection for the researcher, the study participant and the University in order to ensure attention to various rights and responsibilities of the respective parties to the research endeavour.

Review is required for all research involving human subjects, animals and biohazardous materials including:

* Research that is undertaken by a member of the York research community or under the aegis of York University but conducted off-site is still subject to ethics review

* Approvals are granted for a 3-year period, subject to annual renewals (see: Application for Renewal of Approval document below)

* Exception: student research that is either funded by a faculty member?s grant or part of regular course work is reviewed by the appropriate faculty/departmental ethics review committee.

All Ethics forms are also available on the Research website.

The Office of Research Ethics


Alison Collins-Mrakas
Senior Manager & Policy Advisor, Research Ethics
York Research Tower, 5th Floor
Tel: (416) 736-5914
Fax: (416) 736-5512