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The 2014-2015 SCOLAPS executive team to represent students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies:

Sayjon Ariyarathnam

Sayjon Ariyarathnam

Sayjon Ariyarathnam is currently in his third year at York University studying Criminology and Human Rights & Equity Studies. Possessing an interest in social justice, he has aspirations of being involved with policy, law, and governance. Currently working at Osgoode Hall Law School with intentions of pursuing further education there, Sayjon avidly seeks to stay involved within Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies to ensure the student voice is advocated.

Habib-Ali Jaffer

Habib-Ali Jaffer

Habib-Ali is in his third year of studies at York University for Financial & Business Economics. As Vice-Chair, he is looking to improve on the efficiency of SCOLAPS to surpass the bar set by the previous executive team. He finds great enjoyment and motivation in competing and breaking records alongside others. He looks forward to working with the rest of his executive team toward achieving exponentially larger successes in the representation of the student voice this year.

Alamgir Khandawala Treasurer
Alamgir Khandawala

Alam is currently in his third year at York University, studying Accounting. His aspirations of becoming a CPA will help him mold SCOLAPS into a more financially stable student government body that can serve the LAPS community. Alam is keen on empowering the students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies by advocating on their behalf in matters of academic governance.

abegail hypolite

Abegail Hypolite

Abby is currently in her fifth and final year at York University majoring in Law and Society and minoring in International Development Studies. From all her years spent on campus and interaction with the many people, Abby's passion for inter-connectedness and diversity has led her to studies involved in social change, culture, and legal justice. As Secretary, Abby is looking to improve LAPS students' engagement, confidence and communication through SCOLAPS. Go council!


antonnia kiana blake.jpg

First Year Representative
Antonnia (Kiana) Blake

Kiana is currently in her first year at York University, studying Criminology with an aspiration of pursuing a career in law. As a first year representative on student council in the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Kiana is looking forward to representing and empowering the voice of her fellow students through areas of academic governance. She is excited to advocate for the LAPS Student body and is looking forward to working with the executive team, general council members and the wider York community.


Maria Palma Zito

First Year Representative
Maria Palma Zito

Maria-Palma is currently in her first year at York University, majoring in Political Science. Her passion and dedication for leadership has motivated her to join SCOLAPS. To Maria-Palma, academic success is a goal that many students have. Achieving this goal, to her takes more than late night studying, but involves motivation and finding purpose within the school community. She is looking to find that purpose at York University and eager to help her peers do the same. She is enthusiastic about work in which academic success and student involvement go hand in hand.

She is motivated to ensure that the students within all of LA&PS know that their academic needs are considered in every decision, and also to emphasize to all students, that York University is a 21-century learning community, that embraces and combines change, enhancement and tradition.