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The 2015-2016 SCOLAPS executive team to represent students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies:

Sayjon Ariyarathnam

Sayjon Ariyarathnam is currently in his fourth year at York University pursuing an Honours Double Major in Criminology and Human Rights & Equity Studies. Possessing an interest in social justice, he has aspirations of being involved with policy, law, and governance. Currently working at Osgoode Hall Law School with intentions of pursuing further education there, Sayjon avidly seeks to stay involved within Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies to ensure the student voice is represented.

Fun Fact: One of Sayjon's proudest feats is binge-watching four seasons of Game of Thrones and three seasons of House of Cards in two weeks.

Twitter: @SayjonA


Alamgir Khandawala

Alam is currently in his fourth year at York University, studying Accounting. His aspirations of becoming a CPA will help him mold SCOLAPS into a vehicle that allows students to be engaged at York in a professional manner. Alam is keen on empowering the students in the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies by advocating on their behalf in matters of academic governance. 

Fun fact: Alam loves to travel, and has travelled to approx. 25 countries in 6 different continents. 

Twitter: @K_Wala

Dalubuhle Ndlovu

Dalubuhle Ndlovu is currently majoring in Human Rights and Equity Studies. He is the incoming Executive Treasurer of the Student Council of the Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies and Senator on the York University Senate. In addition to the recent elected positions, Dalubuhle serves as a Councillor on the LAPS Faculty Council and a member of the LAPS Academic Policy and Planning Committee. Dalubuhle currently works in the LAPS: Office of the Dean. This summer he is looking forwards to working with other Councillors in developing key areas of SCOLAPS. He will also be an intern at The Mosaic Institute. He will also be participating in leadership development training at Harvard Law School.

His ultimate goal for SCOLAPS is to ensure that all continue to strive for more meaningful; student focused academic experience and collegiality.  He has a keen appreciation for the importance of education in advancing individuals and the critical importance of ensuring all people voices are heard.

Fun Fact: Dalu loves gummy worms.


Maria-Palma Zito

Maria-Palma is currently in her second year of study at York University. Her studies include a focus in Honours Political Science. Maria-Palma hopes to continue to use her time at York University to embrace her primary area of study but also develop a deep appreciation for a variety of other topics in collaboration with Political Science. Maria-Palma’s passion for leadership and governance has motivated her to ensure that she makes a positive contribution to SCOLAPS and the York University community at large. Maria-Palma is eager to contribute to a 21st -century learning community, and to ensure that students are able to embrace the resources, and supports that SCOLAPS offers.

Fun Fact: Maria-Palma has a passion for art. She enjoys drawing and painting most especially. Most notably, as a result of her passion for art, she contributed to an instillation piece titled “School of Fish” that hangs in the Vellore Woods Community Center in Vaughan.