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SHRM Teaching Awards


Tenured Category: Professor Julia Richardson

julia richardson Winning this award will undoubtedly be a highlight of my year, particularly given the very high caliber of faculty in the SHRM. Moreover, during the process leading up to the award I received consistent support from colleagues and students, a humbling experience indeed.

My passion for teaching in my subject areas – Career Management, Qualitative Research Methods and Organisational Behaviour – stems largely from my belief about how crucial education is for professional and personal development and thus for equipping students with the right skills to make a positive contribution to the lives of others.

Students who have worked with me over the years won't be surprised to know that my teaching philosophy is closely informed by 'intelligent career theory': in my case the knowing why, who and how of what it means to be a professor in the SHRM. Knowing Why: having a deep passion for my field; Knowing Who: building positive working relationships with students, colleagues and other experts in my field and Knowing How: constantly updating my teaching competencies to meet the demands of an ever changing job marketplace where education and learning determine both who you are and who you think you can become. Thank you for this award, I am deeply grateful.

Tenure Track Category: Professor Amanda Shantz

amanda shantz My aim is to develop courses that are meaningful and memorable to students. I achieve this by encouraging students to engage with course materials in advance of scheduled classes, facilitating active participation in the classroom (e.g., cases, role-plays), incorporating blended learning techniques, and developing tightly integrated courses.

My teaching philosophy continuously evolves as I experiment with new themes, technologies, and techniques each semester. I am delighted to win one of the teaching awards in the School of Human Resource Management.

Sessional/Contract Category: Professor Indira Somwaru

Indira Somwaru It is very gratifying to be recognized and appreciated by our students. My teaching philosophy is based on a desire to educate our students in both theoretical and practical aspects of human resources practices. To that end, I try to create interactive classroom learning experiences based on a high level of discussion, sharing of student experiences, and use of real-world examples.

I also try to educate students in the broader realities of the business world and life that go beyond the text as a value-added component of their education.