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Research and Publications

The School of Human Resource Management (SHRM) houses the single largest group of HRM scholars in any Canadian university, with robust research achievements and agendas. Our cutting-edge research, undertaken within the range of methodological, ontological, and epistemological perspectives, addresses real-world problems and significant intellectual debates.

Expertise of our faculty members ranges all areas of HRM specialization, including but not limited to: career management, compensation, critical management studies, employment and labour law, gender and diversity, industrial relations, global HRM, recruitment and selection, strategic HRM, training and development, and work-nonwork issues.

Research Funding

The high quality of the SHRM faculty is demonstrated in its frequent success in external, peer-reviewed research grant competitions.  In the past five years, SHRM faculty members held SSHRC grants totaling over one million Canadian dollars.   Here is a sample summary of some of the recent successful grants. 



SHRM Faculty


Title of Successful SSHRC Grants


 Dr. Sabrina Deutsch Salamon


2014, Dr. Sabrina Deutsch Salamon

  "MITACS Accelerate, $15,000

SSHRC Standard Research Grant


2014, Dr. Jing Wang

2013-2015: York University International Collaboration Grant, $5,000.
2013-2015: York University LA&PS Minor Research Grant, $3,910.

SSHRC Standard Research Grant



2011, Dr. Jelena Zikic

Topic:  "Mentoring relationships between immigrant and local professionals: Relationship process and outcomes”

SSHRC Standard Research Grant


2011, Dr. Marie Helene Budworth



SSHRC Standard Research Grant

2010, Dr. Tony Fang

Topic: "Inaugural network on employment dynamics and social welfare in an international perspective"

SSHRC International Opportunity Fund

Topic: "The Macroeconomic Impacts of Canadian Immigration"

SSHRC Metropolis National Research Grant


2010, Dr. David Doorey

Topic: "Labour Practices, Risk and Global Supply Chain Management"

SSHRC Standard Research Grant



2009, Dr. Julia Richardson and Dr. Steve McKenna

Topic: "Canadian Independent Expatriates and Organizational Expatriates/Mobile Professionals in Mining: A Phenomenological Study"

SSHRC International Opportunities Grant


2009, Dr. Parbudyal Singh

Topic: "Work intensity and working long hours in Canada"

SSHRC Standard Research Grant


2008, Dr. Jelena Zikic

Topic: "Immigrant Professionals: Organizational and Personal Employment Barriers"

SSHRC Special Call in Business and Management


2008, Dr. Jelena Zikic & Dr. Tony Fang (co-applicants)

Topic:  "Recruitment, (Re) training, and Retention of Immigrants in the Canadian Workforce"

SSHRC Knowledge Mobilization Grant


2007, Dr. Marie-Helene Budworth

Topic:  "Vertical transfer of training: Can one person make a difference?"

SSHRC Standard Research Grant





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