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Career Paths

How do your skills translate into the world of work?

A degree in Sociology provides students with a broad background suitable for a wide range of jobs in human resources, education, social services, government, business, sales and marketing, international development, and public policy analysis.

York Sociology students will also receive the methodological preparation needed to take on survey research jobs that are increasingly used by advertising and market research firms. Furthermore, the field of Sociology provides students with the critical thinking and analytic skills necessary to take on advanced analysis in all employment sectors.

Common career paths for sociology majors include:

Community Work for social service organizations, nonprofits, child-care or community development agencies, or environmental groups

Social Services in rehabilitation, case management, group work with youth or the elderly, recreation, or administration

Corrections in probation, parole, or other criminal justice work

Business in advertising, marketing and consumer research, insurance, real estate, personnel work, training, or sales

College Settings in admissions, alumni relations, or placement offices

Health Services in family planning, substance abuse, rehabilitation counseling, health planning, hospital admissions and insurance companies

Publishing, Journalism, and Public Relations in writing, research, and editing

Government Services in federal, state, and local government jobs in such areas as transportation, housing, agriculture and labour

Teaching in elementary and secondary schools, in conjunction with appropriate teaching certification

Teaching in college and university institutions, with additional Masters or Ph.D. degree attainment

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