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Sociology Course Announcements

Summer 2015


Introduction to Sociology (SOCI 1010):

*S1 AP/SOCI 1010 A currently has limited spaces open to non-Sociology majors at Study level 01 or 02.

SU AP/SOCI 1010 E  currently has limited spaces open for non-Sociology majors at Study Levels 01 or  02 or 03 or 04.


2000 level SOCI courses:

The following courses are open to all SOCI majors including limited spaces for SOCI students in Study Level 01.

S1 AP/SOCI 2030 A  Sociological Research Methods

SU AP/SOCI 2030 A Sociological Research Methods

SU AP/SOCI 2040 A Sociological Theory

SU AP/SOCI 2040  B  Sociological Theory

SU AP/SOCI 2050  A  Social Structure and Social Change (very limited spaces for NON SOCI YR level 2, 3 or 4)



The following courses are open to SOCI majors in YR level 02,03 or 04 and a limited number of spaces are open to NON-SOCI majors.

SU AP/SOCI 3340 A Globalization and Resistance

SU AP/SOCI 3550 A Sociology of Aging

S1 AP/SOCI 3670 A Sociology of Sport


4000 level SOCI courses: (you must be in an honours program to take 4000 level courses)

The following courses are open to SOCI majors in study level 3 or 4 and a limited number of spaces are open to NON-SOCI majors in study level 4.

S1 AP/SOCI 4075 A Sexuality, Social Practices & Modernity

I1 AP/SOCI 4200 A Sociology of Conflict and Co-operation (open to study level 3 or 4)

S1 AP/SOCI 4210 A  Economic Sociology


Study Level 3 student:  You must have between 53-83 credits towards your major.

Study Level 4 student:  You must have 84 or more credits completed towards your major.

Please note that many Sociology courses are not open to Graduate and Education students.


*S1 SOCI 1010A:  Introduction to Sociology

 This is a fast paced, dynamic, and intensive course that meets four mornings per week.  Most sessions will involve 1-2 short lectures, with the balance of the meeting focusing on learning sociology by doing sociology. 

 The course is designed to introduce you to the key theories, methods, and concepts of sociology through their application to everyday life.  Readings include a core textbook accompanied by analysis of daily events in the news.   The final week of the course will be offered through a series of online exercises that focus on key sociological questions, a sociological autobiography of your own life, and an investigation of new social media.

David Toews Vivian Stamatopoulos Janelle Brady - Ontario Volunteer Medal Heather Garrett Eric Mykhalovskiy Andil Gosine Ratiba Hadj Moussa Peter Landstreet SUSA