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Faculty - Professor Emeriti

Paul Anisef
Ph.D. (Cornell), Professor Emeritus(Arts).

Interests: Sociology of Education; Social Psychology; Comparative Education Systems; School-Work Transitions; Life-Course; Immigration.

Office: 353 York Lanes
Office Phone: (416) 736-2100, ext. 20574


Paul Anisef (Ph.D., Cornell) has a continuing interest in the areas of education, social psychology, and social policy. He is the author or co-author of several research monographs on youth, education, and immigrant adaptation. At present, he is involved in a three-year project with HRDC using recent data from Statistics Canada to investigate the transmission of cultural, social and financial capital by parents to their children. He is also participating in two projects with OASIS, one of which deals with parenting issues of newcomer immigrants to Ontario. Prof. Anisef has been the Associate Director of CERIS since 1998.

Selected Publications

Anisef, P. Forthcoming. "Negotiating the Life Course: Structure, Agency and the Class of '73." In Restructuring Work and the Life Course, edited by W. Heinz and V. Marshall. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Anisef, P, P. Axelrod, E. Baichman-Anisef, C. James, and T. Turrittin. 2000. Opportunity and Uncertainty: Life Course Experiences of the Class of '73. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Anisef, P. 1999. "Social Mobility 20 Years after High School - Social and Geographical Dimensions." In From Education to Work: Cross National Perspectives, edited by W. Heinz. Boston, MA: Cambridge University Press.

Anisef, P. 1998. "Making the Transition from School to Employment." In Children and Youth, Determinants of Health. National Forum on Health.

Anisef, P. and L. Andres. 1996. "Dropping Out of Canada: The Construction of a Crisis?" In Debating Dropouts, edited by D. Kelly and J. Gaskell. New York: Teachers College Press.