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Faculty - Professor Emeriti

Michael Lanphier
Ph.D. (Michigan),
Professor Emeritus (Arts).
Refugee and Immigrant Resettlement; International Migration; Social Psychology; Social Movements.

Office: 319 York Lanes
(416) 736-2100 ext. 20563

Michael Lanphier (Ph.D., Michigan) is the deputy director of the Centre for Refugee Studies and the President of the Canadian Ethnic Studies Association. His interests include newcomer integration, refugee resettlement, and the comparative study of newcomer settlement in Canada, US, Australia, and Finland. At present, he is co-investigator (with Lawrence Lam) of "Growing Old in Multicultural Canada." This project examines the importance of religious institutions and organizations in the lives of elderly refugees.

Selected Publications

Lanphier, M. and P. Anisef. Forthcoming. Integrating Diversity: Social Profile of Immigrants to Toronto, 1970-2000. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Lanphier, M. 1997. "Post-Multiculturalism and Immigration." In Canada-Australia: Towards a Second Century of Partnership, edited by K. Burridge, L. Foster and G. Turcotte. Ottawa: International Council for Canadian Studies.

Lanphier, M. 1996. "Welfare and Immigration - The Canadian Case." In Identities in Transition: Perspectives on Cultural Interaction and Integration, edited by J. Kervinen. Turku, Finland: UIPAPS.

Lanphier, M. and A. H. Richmond. 1995. "Ethnicity, Culture English Canada." In Beyond Quebec: Taking Stock of Canada, edited by K. McRoberts. Montreal: McGill-Queen's University Press.

Lanphier, M. and R. Holton. 1994. "Public Opinion, Immigration and Refugees." In Immigration and Refugee Policy: Australia and Canada Compared, edited by H. Adelman. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.