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Joan Allen
M.A. (York)
Assistant Professor
2114 Vari Hall
ext. 60305
Interests: Work and Technology; Law; Theory; Aging ... more
 Karen Anderson
Ph.D. (Toronto)
Associate Professor
2110 Vari Hall
ext. 60304
Interests: Social Media; Teaching and Technology; Sociology of the Body; Neuro-Sociology ... more
Pat ArmstrongPat Armstrong
Ph.D. (Carleton)
2118 Vari Hall
ext. 22550
Interests: Health Policy and Politics; Women and Work; Social Theory; Political Economy. ... more

Alireza Asgharzadeh

Ph.D. (O.I.S.E.,Toronto)

Assistant Professor

315 Founders College

ext. 44042


Sociology of Education; Race, Racism and Anti-racism; Social Inequality; Social Theory; Globalization, Diversity and Multiculturalism; Migration and Diasporas; Religion and Secularism; Middle Eastern Cultures and Societies.


Himani BannerjiHimani Bannerji
Ph.D. (O.I.S.E.,Toronto)
Professor Emertia & Senior Scholar
2153 Vari Hall
ext. 22291
Interests: Women and Development; Colonial and Post-Colonial; Social and Political Formations; Feminist Theory relative to Race and Class; Immigrant Women in Canada; Culture and Politics. ... more

Annmarie Barnes

Ph.D (Toronto)

Sessional Assistant Professor

2152 Vari Hall


Interests:  Sociology of Policing; Organized Crime; Crime and Social Regulation


Sylvia Bawa

Ph.D. (Queen’s)

Assistant Professor

2144 Vari Hall


Interests: International Political Economy; Postcoloniality and discourses of women's rights and empowerment; Human Rights; Gender and Development; Postcolonial and Transnational feminisms

  Margaret Beare
Ph.D. (Columbia)
3006 Ignat Kaneff Building
ext. 55907
Interests: Social Control; Policing; Crime and Delinquency; Organized Crime; Women and Justice Issues; Criminology and Corrections. ...more
Kathy Bishoping Kathy Bischoping
Ph.D. (Michigan)
Associate Professor
2086 Vari Hall
ext. 77996
Interests: Qualitative Methods; Quantitative Methods. ... more
Deborah Brock Deborah Brock
Ph.D. (O.I.S.E.Toronto)
Associate Professor
2108 Vari Hall
ext. 60302
Interests: Social, Sexual and Moral Regulation; Sex Work; Governmentality; Sociolegal Studies, Sociology for Social Change. ... more
Sheila Cavanagh Sheila Cavanagh
Ph.D. (York)
Associate Professor
420 Atkinson
ext. 22337
Interests: Gender and Sexuality; Body Studies; Trans Studies; Cultural Studies; Queer Pedagogy; Sex Museums. ... more
Rina Cohen Rina Cohen
Ph.D. (York)
Associate Professor
2112 Vari Hall
ext. 77991
Interests: gender and reproductive labour, patterns of diaspora engagement, transnational migration and globalization, returning migration, intergenerational relations. ... more
Suzanne Cook

Suzanne L. Cook

Ph.D, (O.I.S.E.)

Assistant Professor/Adjunct Faculty member, Faculty of Health

2155 Vari Hall

ext. 60308

Interests: Work and Social Roles; Lifelong Learning; Intergenerational Education; Later Life Career Development, Transition and Redirection; Social Engagement and Health; Community Innovation; Ageism; Knowledge Mobilization. Member: York University Graceful Aging Alliance and YU-CARE

Deborah Davidson Deborah Davidson
Ph.D. (York)
Associate Professor
2090 Vari Hall
ext. 60310
Interests: Sociology of Health and Illness; Reproduction; Dying, Death, and Bereavement; Disability; Qualitative Methods ...more

Secil Ertorer

Ph.D. (Western)

Sessional Assistant Professor

634 Atkinson

ext. 60313

Interests: International Migration, Ethnic Relations, Cultural Diversity, Integration, Refugee Studies, and Identity

  Lorna Erwin
Ph.D. (York)
Graduate Progam Director and Associate Professor
2073 Vari Hall
ext. 33913
Interests: Sociology of Education; Difference, Inequality and Power; Qualitative Methods; Higher Education. ... more
Amber Gazso Amber Gazso
Ph.D. (Alberta)
Associate Professor & Undergraduate Program Director
2082 Vari Hall
ext. 77987
Interests: Citizenship; Sociology of the Family and Intimate Relations; Sociology of Gender; Poverty; Social Policy; Research Methods. ... more
  Jacqueline Gibbons
Ph.D. (Toronto)
Associate Professor Emerita
134 McLaughlin College
ext. 77273
Interests: Sociology of Culture; Gender; Incarceration. ... more
Luin Goldring Luin Goldring
Ph.D. (Cornell)
Associate Professor
240B York Lanes
ext. 60311
Interests: Citizenship; Transnational Migration; Immigrant Political Incorporation; Precarious Work; Social Policy. ...more
  Mark J. Goodman
M.A. (California Berkeley)
Assistant Professor
338 Atkinson
ext. 33678
Interests: Social Theory; Slavery and Black Experience in the Americas. ... more
Andil Gosine Andil Gosine
Ph.D. (York)
Associate Professor
2148 Vari Hall
ext. 77984
Interests: Cultural Studies; Art; 'Race'- Racism, Gender and Sexuality; Environmental Justice. ...more
  J. Paul Grayson
Ph.D. (Toronto)
438 Atkinson Building
ext. 20484
Interests: Higher Educational Outcomes; Sociology of Work; Social Determinants of Health; Historical Sociology; Research Methodology. ... more
Ratiba Hadj-Moussa Ratiba Hadj-Moussa
Ph.D. (Laval) DEA (L' Université de Paris III, VII)
Associate Professor
2102 Vari Hall
ext. 77989
Interests: Sociology of Art and Culture; Political Sociology; Common Cultural Artifacts to Art (Cinema and Music), Visual Culture in General; Gender and Post-Colonial Studies; Mediterranean and North African Societies; Diasporic Experiences in Western Contexts . ... more
  Barbara Hanson
Ph.D. (Toronto)
LL. B. (Osgoode)
Interests: Theory; Epistemology; Methods; Health; Gender. ... more
Robert Kenedy Robert A. Kenedy
Ph.D. (York)
Associate Professor
124 Winters College
ext. 77458
Interests: Jewish Diaspora; Immigration and Citizenship; Ethnic Identity; Social and Political Movements; Qualitative Methodologies. ... more
Ann Kim Ann H. Kim
Ph.D. (Brown)
Associate Professor
839 York Research Tower
ext. 22678
Interests: Immigrant and Ethnic Integration; Migration; Urban Sociology; Social Demography; Quantitative Methods. ... more
Fuyuki Kurasawa Fuyuki Kurasawa
Ph.D. (La Trobe, Australia)
Associate Professor
2088 Vari Hall
ext. 77990
Interests: Classical and Contemporary Theory; Cultural Studies; Political Economy; Urban Sociology. ... more
Larry Lam Larry Lam
Ph.D. (York)
Associate Professor
2098 Vari Hall
ext. 77995
Interests: Migration and Refugee Studies; Race and Ethnic Relations; Transnationalism and Diaspora. ... more
Guida Man Guida C. Man
Ph.D. (Toronto)
Assistant Professor
612 York Research Tower
ext. 30269
Interests: Women and Work; Family; Immigration; Transnational Migration; Immigrant Women; Chinese Diaspora. ... more
Nancy Mandell Nancy Mandell
Ph.D. (Northeastern)
225 Founders College
ext. 66905
Interests: Family; Intimacy and Care Work; Aging and Immigrants; Gender and Schooling; Qualitative Methods; Community-Academic Research Partnerships. ... more
Aryn Martin Aryn Martin
Ph.D. (Cornell)
Associate Professor
2150 Vari Hall
ext. 77985
Interests: Sociology of Science, Technology and Biomedicine; Feminist Theory; Sex, Gender and the Body; Self and Identity; Pregnancy and Risk Discourse. ... more

Arthur McLuhan

Ph.D. (McMaster)

Sessional Assistant Professor

2115 Vari Hall

ext. 60307

Interests:  Social Psychology; Classical Symbolic Interactionism

Radhika Mongia Radhika Mongia
Ph.D. (Illinois)
Associate Professor
2080 Vari Hall
ext. 33913
Interests: Feminist, Marxist and Postcolonial Theory; Political and Historical Sociology; Study of "Transnational" and "Global" Processes. ... more
  Carmela Murdocca
Ph.D. (Toronto)
Associate Professor
2100 Vari Hall
ext. 77992
Interests: Colonialism; Race; Socio-Legal Studies; Law; Nationalism/Multiculturalism; Feminist/Postcolonial/Critical Race Theories. ...more

Marcello Musto

Ph.D. (Naples/Nice)

Assistant Professor

134 Atkinson College

ext. 22558

Interests: Marxism; History of Political Thought; Alienation Theories.

Eric MykhalovskiyEric Mykhalovskiy
Ph.D. (York)
Associate Professor
2078 Vari Hall
ext. 66405
Interests: Sociology of Health, Illness, and Biomedicine; Social Organization of Knowledge, Textual Practices, Qualitative Methodology, HIV/AIDS. ... more
 Zoe Newman 

Zoë Newman
Ph.D. (Toronto)
Assistant Professor

637 Atkinson College
ext. 22565
Interests: Colonialism, Postcolonialism, and Transnationalism; Gender and Sexuality; Feminist and Queer Theories; Cities and Nations more

Michael NijhawanMichael Nijhawan
Ph.D. (Heidelberg)
Associate Professor
2146 Vari Hall
ext. 77994
Interests: Cultural Sociology; Social Theory; Sociology and Anthropology of Violence; Transnational Religion and Diaspora; Popular Culture and Performance; South Asia, Germany. ... more
Michael Ornstein Michael Ornstein
Ph.D. (Johns Hopkins)
Associate Professor
5054 TEL Building
ext. 77162
Interests: Structured Social Inequality; Political Sociology; Canadian Society; Survey Methods. ... more
Hyun Ok Park Hyun Ok Park
Ph.D. (California, Berkeley)
Associate Professor
2096 Vari Hall
Interests: Global Capitalism; Marxism and Critical Theory ; Historical and Comparative studies; Postcoloniality; Historical Memory; and Korea and Korean Diaspora ... more
  Alice Propper
Ph.D. (Michigan)
Associate Professor
228 McLaughlin College,
ext. 77102
Interests: Violence By and Against Women and Children; Crime/Corrections/Deviance; Women's Studies; Family; Social Inequality. ... more
Norene Pupo Norene Pupo
Ph.D. (McMaster)
138 Founders College
ext. 33310
Interests: Sociology of Work; Economic Sociology; Political Sociology; Formal Organizations; Social Policy. ... more
Karen Robson  Karen L. Robson
Ph.D. (Essex)
Associate Professor
N141E Ross
ext. 33165
Interests: Quantitative Methods; Social Stratification and Social Mobility; Comparative Sociology (Europe); Cultural Consumption; Young Parenthood; Life Course Analysis. ... more
Hira Singh Hira Singh
Ph.D (Delhi School of Economics, Delhi)
Associate Professor
2106 Vari Hall
ext. 60301
Interests: Social Theory; Social Inequality; Social Movements; Feudalism in Non-European and European Societies; Colonialism and Popular Protests; Empire and Indenture (South Africa). ... more
  Glenn Stalker
Ph.D. (Toronto)
Assistant Professor
5056 TEL Building
ext. 22556
Interests: Interests: Quantitative Methods; Urban Sociology; Environmental Sociology; Work and Family; Cultural Sociology; Time-use. ... more
Penni Stewart Penni Stewart
Ph.D. (York)
Associate Professor
2084 Vari Hall
ext. 77998
Interests: Social Psychology; Application of Social Psychology to Women's Studies; Research in Interpersonal Processes; Status of Women in Ontario Universities. ... more
Mark Thomas Mark Thomas
Ph.D. (York)
Associate Professor
2100 Vari Hall
ext. 77992
Interests: Political Economy; Economic Sociology; Sociology of Work and Labour; Political Sociology; Social Policy. ... more
Philip Walsh  Philip Walsh
Ph.D (Warwick)
Chair & Associate Professor
2060 Vari Hall
Interests: Classical and Contemporary Social Theory; Political Sociology; Globalization; History of Social Thought; Sociology of Knowledge; Philosophy of Social Science. ... more
Lorna Weir Lorna Weir
Ph.D. (York)
310 Founders College
ext. 33198
Interests: Feminist Theory; Sexuality and Human Reproduction; Government and Textuality; Sociology of Language. ... more
Lesley Wood Lesley Wood
Ph.D. (Columbia)
2104 Vari Hall
ext. 77993
Interests: Social Movements; Globalization; Historical/Comparative Sociology; Police Repression. ... more



Research Projects

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  • Healthy Ageing in Residential Places Professor Pat Armstrong
  • How does Gender Matter in Long Term Residential Care? Professor Pat Armstrong
  • Expert Panel on the Future of Canadian Policing Models in Canada Margaret E. Beare
  • A Study of Police Integrity Commissions: Learning from International Policing Services Margaret E. Beare
  • Nora, Leaving Torvald Professor Kathy Bischoping
  • The Praxis of Sociologists: An Ethnography of Activist Teaching and Research Professor Deborah Brock
  • Gedoogbeleid:Social Regulation in the Netherlands, and the Implications for Canadian Social Policy Professor Deborah Brock
  • Queer Theory and Psycho Analysis Professor Sheila Cavanagh
  • Queer Bathroom Monologues Professor Sheila Cavanagh
  • "Split Families" Among Twice Migrated South Asian Families in Canada Professor Tania Das Gupta
  • Embodied Grief and Tattoos as Memorialization: Comparisons Among Types of Losses Professor Deborah Davidson
  • Use of the Internet and Griefwork in Perinatal Loss Professor Deborah Davidson
  • Managing Poverty/Intergenerationally/ in Diverse Families: Piecing Together a Network of Social Support Professor Amber Gazso
  • Income Inequality in Mid-Life, Looking Toward the Later Years: A Canada/U.S. Longitudinal Comparison Professor Amber Gazso
  • Child Emigrants to Canada, 19th Century: The Girls Professor Jacqueline Gibbons
  • New and Old Fault Lines in the Canadian Labour Market: The Temporal and Institutional Dynamics of Citizenship, Legal Status and Work Professor Luin Goldring
  • Immigrants and Precarious Employment in the GTA. Professor Luin Goldring
  • The Struggle for African-Am Economic Citizenship: 1938-1954 Professor Mark Goodman
  • Boys Love Cars Professor Andil Gosine
  • A Social History of Canadian University Students in the 1060s >> 1960s Professor Paul Grayson
  • Contemporary Students' Experiences and Educational Outcomes Professor Paul Grayson
  • Riots in the Maghreb:A Socio-Anthropological Contribution of Dissenting Voices Professor Ratiba Hadj-Moussa
  • Toronto Korean Families Study (TKFS) Professor Ann Kim
  • Agency Data on Migration (ADMIG) Project Professors Ann Kim, Luin Goldring, and others
  • Human Rights Activism in the Age of Web 2.0: The Possibilities and Perils of Social Media for Human Rights Groups Professor Fuyuki Kurasawa
  • Public Intellectuals on the Right? Irving Kristol and the Emergence of Neoconservatism in the U.S. Professor Stephen Longstaff
  • Canada in American Eyes: Taking Stock of Canada's New Visibility Professor Stephen Longstaff
  • Transnational Migration Trajectories of Immigrant Women Professionals in Canada: Strategies of Work and Family Professors Guida C. Man and Tania Das Gupta
  • Worked to Death. Economic Security among Canadian Senior Immigrants. Professor Nancy Mandell
  • Incarceration in an Age of Reparative Justice Professor Carmela Murdocca
  • HIV Prevention and the Criminal Law: An International Research Workshop on the Public Health Impact of Criminalizing HIV Exposure/Transmission Professor Eric Mykhalovskiy
  • Sex Crimes: HIV Non-disclosure and Risk Governance in Canada Professor Eric Mykhalovskiy
  • Predicaments of a Post-Conflict Generation: A Comparative Study of Sikh and Ahmadiyya Diaspora Formations Professor Michael Nijhawan
  • Desire for Return: Neoliberal Democracy, Historical Memory, and Transnational Migration in Post-Cold War Asia Professor Hyun Ok Park
  • Capital, Class and Culture in Asia: Histories and Futures of the Question of Political Subjectivity and Forms of Freedom (collaboration project) Professor Hyun Ok Park
  • Women, Deindustrialization and Community Professor Norene Pupo
  • Displaced Workers and Their Communities Professor Norene Pupo
  • The Childfree Life Course Professor Karen Robson
  • The Adolescent Health and Wellbeing Study Professor Karen Robson
  • The Effects of Family Structure Changes on the Well-Being of Youth Professor Karen Robson
  • Labour and Populism in an Age of Uncertainty" and Closing the Enforcement Gap: Improving Employment Standards for Workers in Precarious Jobs Professor Mark Thomas
  • From Labour Rights to Human Rights: Emerging Approaches to Labour Standards in the Global Economy Professor Mark Thomas
  • Masculinity and Risk in Canadian Prisons Professor Rosemary Ricciardelli
  • Toward Developing an Assistive Technology Framework for Older Adults with Dementia: A User-centred Design Approach Professor Rosemary Ricciardelli
  • Climate Change and Pro-environmental Beliefs, Behaviours and Support for Policy: Evidence from a Survey of Canadians Professor Glenn Stalker
  • Canadian Families' Strategies for Employment and Care for Pre-school Children Professor Glenn Stalker
  • The Influence of Digital Media on Sociability and Unsociability Professor David Toews
  • The Significance of the Work of Hannah Arendt for the Social Sciences Professor Philip Walsh
  • Biosecurity and Synthetic Biology Professor Lorna Weir
  • The Policing of Protest: 1995-2005 Professor Lesley Wood
  • Protesting the G20: Identities, Networks and Resistance Professor Lesley Wood and Glenn Stalker