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                                                         General Education Requirements

All General Education courses must be selected from the list of APPROVED General Education courses; the list is available at:

FALL 2014 onward

A minimum of 21 credits are required from the list of Approved General Education courses.

The minimum requirements are as follows:

6.00 credits Natural Science (NATS)

9.00 credits Social Science (SOSC)     OR    9.00 credits Humanities (HUMA)

6.00 credits in the opposing category to the 9.00 credit course selected in SOSC or HUMA

Note: If a second 9.00 credit course is chosen in the opposing discipline instead of a 6.00 credit course, the 3.00 extra credits will be transferred to the Free Choice or the Course Outside the Major category.


FALL 2009 to 2012

A maximum of 9.00 credits in each of four areas in Humanities, Modes of Reasoning, Natural Science and Social Science will count towards fulfillment of General Education requirements for a total of 24 credits.

                  OPTION 1                                                                                OPTION 2

6.00 credits Natural Science NATS)                          6.00 credits Natural Science (NATS)                                 

9.00 credits Humanities (HUMA)                  OR        6.00 credits Humanities (HUMA)

9.00 credits Social Science (SOSC)                          6.00 credits Social Science (SOSC)

                                                                                          6.00 credits Modes of Reasoning (MODR)



FALL 1997 To 2008

Students must complete a minimum of 24 credits and select their General Education requirements in accordance with the following:

6.00 credit 1000 level course in Natural Science (NATS)

9.00 credit 1000 level Foundations course, in Humanities (HUMA) or Social Science SOSC)

9.00 credit 2000 level Foundations course in HUMA or SOSC. If the 1000 level was HUMA, then the 2000

         level course is to be SOSC or vice versa; to be taken within the first 48 credits









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