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Videos by Title

Acting our age • South Asian seniors’ group in Britain
After the Montréal Massacre • feminist analysis of misogyny
All dressed in white • Indian/Catholic/American identity & The Wedding Dress
Anatomy of eesire • analyses scientific discourse on same-sex desire
And still I rise • stereotypes of, & experiences of, Black women in England
Ask a silly question • Candid Camera critique of polling
Babakiueria • satirical Aboriginal ethnography of whiteness in Australia
Bell Hooks • on cultural criticism and transformation
Blockade • Algonquins defend the forest
Children are not the problem • approaches to racism in daycares
Clockwork • history of Taylorism
Consequences • privatisation in England
Crucero = Crossroads • identity and stereotyping of Latinos in Canada
A deathly silence • An African-Canadian homicide victim
Deconstructing dinner • chef studies GM foods in international meals
Dirty laundry • outlaw sexuality in 19th century Chinese Canada
Doing time • narratives of imprisoned women
Domino • accounts of multi-racial identity
El contrato • Mexican migrant workers in Ontario
Esther, baby & me • autobiography of a father-to-be
Fast food women • workers in U.S. restaurants
Fender philosophers • public discourse via bumper stickers
For Angela • dramatization of racist incident
Frantz Fanon: Black skin, white mask • an artistic biography
Gender tango • examples of social constructions
Hear what we are saying • women of colour's experiences with Western psychiatry
High-tech harvest • GM foods in Africa
Hollywood harems • Orientalism in (mostly old) movies
Hull House: the house that Jane built • Jane Addams’ late 19th century settlement work
Indigeni • Aboriginal women organising in B.C.
Intersexuality • medical discourse vs intersex people’s experiences
Islam & feminism • women activists in urban & rural Pakistan
Just children • abuse of children in Canadian institutions
La operacion • politics of sterilization in Puerto Rico
Lowndes County Freedom Party • on the origins of the Black Panthers
Marx: The Video. a politics of a revolting body • Capital, the revolution, & Marx’s carbuncles
Me, Mom & Mona • Chinese diasporic women talk patriarchy
Migrant labour • migrant workers in Europe
Mirror, mirror • masked women speak of body image
Momiji • Japanese-Canadian woman discovers family history
More than hair care products • meanings of the gay bear movement
My name is Kahentiiosta • profile of a Kahnesatake protestor
Myths about madness • media stereotypes of mental illness
Native justice • Aboriginal justice issues and tribal policing solutions
New world border • human rights on the U.S.-Mexico border
No place to go • the double bind of homelessness & mental illness
No time to stop • immigrant women of colour in bad jobs
Not my home • life in a nursing home
On cannibalism • fetishization and social construction of race, in 6 packed minutes
Over the hedge • accounting for suburban topiary, in 10 silly minutes
Portrait of an Onnagata • history of men playing women’s roles in kabuki
Race: the power of an illusion • history of how "race" is constructed
Rape is... • experiences and impact of rape
Reframing the Montréal Massacre • feminist critique of media depictions
Remember Africville • 1960s demolition of a Black neighbourhood
Rich media, poor democracy • how corporatizing media damages democracy
Richard Cardinal • foster parenting history of Métis teen who commits suicide
Rock, paper, missiles • criticizes U.S. coverage of Arab-Israeli conflict
Sacred land, scarred land • foreign investment effects on indigenous peoples
Samsara • aftermath of genocide in Cambodia
Science and gender • Evelyn Fox Keller interviewed
Seven hours to burn • racial projects in 1940s India & Denmark, 9 artful minutes
School’s out • Jane Rule & queer teens on anti-homophobia activism
Skin • women’s discourses on AIDS in the 1990s dramatized
Some kind of arrangement • three quests for arranged marriage
Speakers for the dead • cemetery restoration reveals lost Black Ontarians’ history
Stand together • RCMP harassment & the nascent gay rights movement
Stepping from the shadows • globalisation in Peru
Sweating for a t-shirt • US activist visits Honduran sweatshops
Take Omri, for example • unnarrated observation of daycare bullying
Tango 73 • everyday life of women busriders and busdriver
Target of opportunity • routine violence against nurses
Thailand for sale • impact of tourist development
The business of caring • employees’ perspectives on privatized nursing homes
The crisis of the cultural environment • analyses corporatised, globalised media
The f word • women talk about what feminism means to them
The future of work • how technology affects workplaces
The genetic takeover, or, mutant food • NA and European perspectives on GMO hazards
The hidden story • USA intervention in Columbia revealed
The new global economy • a globalisation mini-lecture
The smell of burning ants • socialisation of boys to violence
The other side • interviews with caregivers for stroke patients
The overspent American • why we want what we don't need
The sterilization of Leilani Muir • eugenics in 20th century Canada
The way we die • medical decision-making & the terminally ill
Tina Machida in Zimbabwe • account of a lesbian activist
Twist Barbie • cultural studies readings of Barbie
Under the skin game • politics of the Norplant contraceptive
Urban elder • profile of Vern Harper, aboriginal spiritual leader
Vital signs: Crip culture talks back • on the politics of disability
Voice of our own • immigrant women & women of colour organise
We are your neighbours • domestic violence
Welcome to the jungle • social and workplace effects of the Internet
When the day comes • women caring for ailing seniors
White shamans, plastic medicine men • New Age appropriations of Native American spirituality

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