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Crime and criminality are central concerns within our contemporary world. From politics to law, in social and economic policy and throughout the media, issues of crime and justice, criminality and social control command increasing attention and interest. Our program will provide you with an exceptional opportunity to pursue study in this evolving and expanding field. You'll explore the ways in which concepts of crime, criminality and criminal justice have developed over time. You'll also investigate how crime has been, and is, understood legally, politically, economically and culturally.

  • Explore and critically analyze criminological theories about why people commit crime.
  • Examine the way societies define crime and how criminal justice systems and other forms of security and regulation are affected by social and historical contexts.


***Note:  If you are a Criminology Student looking to enroll into Introduction to Criminology CRIM/SOSC 1650 please email  (Students who are not currently Criminology students will not be permitted to enter that course)