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Department Infrastructure

Assignment Drop Boxes

An assignment drop-off box is assigned for each course to be used when students are unable to submit assignments in class. The boxes, which course directors should check on a regular basis, are opposite S 748 Ross; a key is available from the staff in the Main Office. (Please note that Department regulations prohibit the Main Office staff from receiving coursework from students.)

Contact: The Social Science Main office staff, 416-736-5054 for further assistance

Classroom Changes

For inquiries about the possibility of classroom changes please contact Alda Lone via e-mail. A request for classroom change must contain an explanation of the defficiencies of the current classroom assignment, the course number, date, time and current location of the class. If possible please also include any alternative rooms that would be acceptable. Please note that there is no guarantee that classroom change request can be fulfilled.

Contact: Alda Lone, ext. 77797, for further assistance

Fax Machine (Ross Building)

The Department has a fax machine in S 745 Ross. Teaching staff will be given an account number at the start of each session, and long-distance charges for faxes will be billed to the account monthly.

CONTACT: The Social Science Main office staff, 416-736-5054 for further assistance

Keys For CUPE Teaching Staff

CUPE Teaching staff receive keys for their offices at the start of each teaching session. We require a small deposit that will be refunded at the end of the academic session when the key is returned.

CONTACT: Tara Wlodarczyk, ext. 33809, for further assistance

LISTSERV - Social Science Department

The listserv is our main medium of communication. We ask that all teaching faculty subscribe to it. (The listserv address is; everyone is advised to send personal responses to a message to the sender not the entire listserv.)

CONTACT: Leah Dunton, ext. 33430, ( who will add or delete your name from the listserv.)

Room Bookings

The lounge in S 752 Ross, S 768 Ross and S 710 Ross are used exclusively for various Social Science meetings. (If there are any special requests for the use of this room other than for a meeting, it must be approved by the Chair of the Department; the lounge may not be used as classroom space.)

CONTACT: The Social Science Main office staff, 416-736-5054 for further assistance


Mailboxes in S 745 Ross are available for teaching staff with offices in the Ross Building. If you are not housed in the Ross Building and require a mailbox there, contact the Social Science Main office. For security reasons, S 745 Ross is not accessible to students; it is against Department regulations to suggest to students that they deliver any kind of coursework or mail to a box in the mail room. Drop boxes in the corridor are available for this purpose.

CONTACT: The Social Science Main office staff, 416-736-5054 for further assistance

Main Office - Hours of Operation

The Department of Social Science is open for student inquiries from 9:00 - 4:00 p.m. For faculty inquiries the main office is open from 8:30 - 4:30 p.m.

CONTACT: The Social Science Main office staff, 416-736-5054 for further assistance

Maintenance Service

If you experience maintenance difficulties in an office in the Ross Building or any other Seventh Floor space, please notify the Social Science office.

CONTACT: Tara Wlodarczyk, ext. 33809, for further assistance

Office Allocation

Teaching staff not housed in another building on campus are provided an office on the Seventh Floor of the Ross Building. Notify Anna Hoffmann if you have office space elsewhere.

CONTACT: Tara Wlodarczyk, ext. 33809, for further assistance

Office Hours - Teaching Staff

All teaching staff are expected to make themselves available to students outside of class-time. A memo will be sent out to all teaching staff by Alda Lone at the beginning of September. Asking for your office hours, office location, email address, home address and telephone number and whether any of these components given out to students. This must be filled out as soon as possible and returned. Please post office hours on your office door and let the course secretary know the time(s). If you are available to students at other times or in a different location please make sure you indicate this as well.

Contact: Alda Lone, ext. 77797, or the program assistant for your course.

Organization - Administration

Academic Administration

Chair of the Department:

Kimberley White
416-736-5056 extension 77812

Undergraduate Program Director

Peggy Keall
416-736-2100 extension 77176,

Foundations Coordinator:

Nalini Persram
416-736-2100 extension 46012

Organization - Committees and Officers

Department of Social Science Committees - 2013-14

Executive Committee

Kimberley White, Peggy Keall, Mark Peacock, Eduardo Canel, Doug Young, Uwa Idemudia, Amanda Glasbeek

Curriculum Committee

Eduardo Canel,  Doug Young, Kean Birch, Carla Lipsig-Mumme, Peggy Keall, Nalini Persram

Tenure & Promotion Adjudication Committee

Mark Peacock, Kimberley White, Megan Davies, Kamala Kempadoo, Eduardo Canel, Darryl Reed, James Williams, Matthew McManus

Tenure & Promotion File Preparation Committees

Fahim Quadir (Professor); Viviana Patroni (Chair), Eduardo Canel, Darryl Reed


Allyson Lunny (Assoc.Prof); Annie Bunting (Chair), Kamala Kempadoo, James Williams

Nominations Committee

Lisa Drummond, Pablo Idahosa, Kimberley White

Department Council Chair

Miriam Smith

Research and Ethics

Miriam Smith, Denielle Elliott, Mark Peacock

Communications Committee

Stephanie Ross, Megan Davies, Tanja Juric, Merouan Mekouar


International/External Committee

Uwa Idemudia, Les Jacobs, Caroline Hossein                                                                                                 

Teaching Development

Anita Lam, Annie Bunting, Allyson Lunny, Nalini Persram

Academic Honesty

Paul Baxte, Jennifer Hyndman,  Judy Hellman, Jacqueline Krikorian, Soren Frederiksen, Jaime Llambias-Wolff

Grades Reappraisal

Jay Goulding, Alina Marquez

Affirmative Action & Equity Officers

Amanda Glasbeek, Anna Pratt, Jan Kainer

YUFA Stewards

JJ McMurtry, Richard Wellen



Teaching staff will be given both a personal photocopy account number and a photocopy account number for each Department course in which they work. The latter numbers are strictly for photocopying course material; please do all other photocopying using your personal account number. Please contact your program secretary to obtain your courses.

CONTACT: The Social Science Main office staff, 416-736-5054 for further assistance

Telephone - Long Distance

Each office has a telephone for the use of its assigned teaching staff. Invoices for personal long distance calls and additional telephone charges will be issued by Leah Dunton on a bi-monthly basis. Telephone invoices for personal calls can be paid by cheque, cash or from your PEA.

CONTACT: Leah Dunton, ext. 33430, for further assistance

Telephone - Voice Mailboxes

Voice mailboxes are available on all phones and may be installed through a request to Anna Hoffmann. Unless faculty have taken on an administrative job, office occupants are responsible for the charge for voice mailbox installation and subsequent monthly charges.

CONTACT: Tara Wlodarczyk, ext. 33809, for further assistance