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Degree Requirements

Work and Labour Studies offers several degree options: Honours BA Program, Honours Double Major BA Program, Honours Double Major Interdisciplinary BA Program, Honours Major/Minor BA Program, and Honours Minor BA Program, and BA programs. Be sure to read the program requirements carefully to ensure your selections satisfy credit and course requirements for the degree.

Course Requirements

Students are advised to check university, departmental, and divisional calendars for up-to-date course listings and descriptions, and to ensure that prerequisites have been met. The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies holds students accountable for meeting degree requirements.

Core Course

All students in Work and Labour Studies must take the core courses, AP/SOSC 1510 6.0 The Future of Work and AP/SOSC 2210 6.0, Labour Relations in Canada. This course is an introduction to labour management relations and focusses on the development of trade unions, collective bargaining, the changing nature of the workplace, and the implications of economic globalization on labour in Canada.

3000 and 4000 Level Courses

To fulfill the Work and Labour Studies degree requirements at 3000 and 4000 level courses, students may choose from the list of courses below as well as the list of related courses offered by other Departments below. The courses below are offered outside the Department of Social Science and are available to students who meet the prerequisite(s)*. Courses which have an asterisk (*) require a pre-requisite.

Please check relevant Departmental calendars for those prerequisites as well as full course descriptions and course credit exclusions. Days and times are also subject to change. Not all of the courses listed below will necessarily be offered in any given year.

* Pre-requisite required

  • AP/ADMS 3400 3.0 Occupational Health and Safety
  • AP/COMN 3313 3.0 Labour in Communication and Cultural Industries
  • AP/ECON 3200 3.0 Industrial Organization
  • AP/ECON 3240 3.0 Labour Economics - Theory
  • AP/ECON 3249 3.0 Labour Economics - Theory (Writing)
  • AP/ECON 3250 3.0 Labour Economics - Institutions
  • AP/ECON 3259 3.0 Labour Economics - Institutions (Writing)
  • GL/ECON 3540 3.0 Economics of Labour and Manpower
  • GL/ECON 3550 3.0 Labour Economics: Institutions and Policies
  • AP/ECON 3620 3.0 The Economics of Unemployment
  • AP/ECON 4160 3.0 Theory and Practice of Arbitration
  • AP/ECON 4240 3.0 Topics in Labour Economics
  • AP/GEOG 3800 3.0 Geographies of Work
  • AP/GEOG 4800 3.0 Geographies of Organized Labour
  • AP/HIST 3561 3.0 Business and Government in Canada since Confederation
  • AP/HIST 3660 3.0 US Economic and Business History to 1880
  • AP/HIST 3670 3.0 US Business History since 1880: The Origins and Consequences of Managerial Capitalism
  • AP/HIST 4051 6.0 Family, Work, and Community: Canadian Society in the 19th and 20th Centuries *
  • AP/HIST 4450 6.0 Themes in Eighteenth-Century British Social History *
  • AP/HIST 4505 6.0 Canadian Labour and Immigration History *
  • AP/HREQ 3414 6.0 Work and the Workplace
  • AP/POLS 3140 3.0 Political Economy of Labour in Canada
  • AP/POLS 4091 3.0 Marxism, Feminism, Poststructuralism
  • AP/POLS 4470 3.0 Working Class Politics in Capitalist Democracies
  • HH/PSYC 3570 3.0 Organizational Psychology
  • AP/REI 3745 6.0 Work and Employment in the Global Economy
  • AP/SOCI 3355 3.0 Social Movements
  • AP/SOCI 3490 6.0 Formal Organizations
  • AP/SOCI 3600 3.0 The Sociology Of Work and Industry
  • AP/SOCI 3615 3.0 The Sociology of Occupations and Professions
  • AP/SOCI 4620 3.0 Issues in the Sociology of Work and Labour
  • AP/SOSC 3125 6.0 Women Organizing
  • AP/SOSC 3169 3.0 Occupational Health
  • AP/GL/WMST 3520 3.0 Women and the Professions

Undergraduate Calendar 2015-2016

Work Placement

Work and Labour Studies Honours students are required to enrol in AP/SOSC 4240 6.0, Labour Studies Work Placement, in their final year. This course offers mentoring and experiential learning in a trade union or other field-related setting. Applications can be made in the Spring advising period (March-April).

Important Notes:

  • GPA: To pursue a four-year Honours degree, students must attain a grade-point average (GPA) of 5.0 (C+). To pursue a three-year BA program, students must attain a GPA of 4.0 (C).
  • All LAST degree options allow you to take relevant courses offered outside the Department of Social Science for degree credit, in the Faculties of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, Education, Environmental Studies and Health, the Schulich School of Business, and Glendon College. These courses are listed on pg. 14 of this calendar. Courses not designated in the Work and Labour Studies lists of courses cannot be substituted for degree requirements in the Work and Labour Studies program.
  • 4000-Level Credits: Faculty legislation requires that, in order to obtain an Honours BA (120 credits), students must take a total of at least 18 credits at the 4000 level, including at least 12 credits at the 4000 level in each Honours major or Specialized Honours major.
  • Please refer to the Faculty Liberal Arts and Professional Studies Student Handbook for a detailed list of all complete BA requirements.
  • To count for Work and Labour Studies major or minor credit, AP/SOSC 1510 9.0 must be completed within a student's first 36 credits.
  • Applying to graduate: In the final year of study, students should apply to graduate by completing the relevant on-line form (by January 31st for Spring Convocation and July 31st for Fall Convocation) at Student Client Services: