Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies --- Department of Social Science -- South Asian Studies
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Course Offerings:


Please note: courses marked '*' must be approved by the Program Coordinator, as course content varies. For these courses to count towards the South Asian Studies degree, or the cross-disciplinary certificate, certain assignment topics chosen in the course must focus on South Asia. This is to be determined in consultation with the course instructor and program coordinator.

Please note: Departments and schools may offer courses that are not listed on this site or are still in the process of being formally approved as counting towards degree requirements. In order to have such courses count towards the South Asian Studies major/minor degree, or cross-disciplinary certificate, students need to contact the Program Coordinator. Students may also take courses though Glendon College and the Faculty of Fine Arts, subject to degree credit exclusion and In-Faculty regulations and with the approval of the Program Coordinator.
Please note: Students are not able to take the core and capstone courses in the same year. Any students with sufficient South Asian Studies credits to join the Program in its first year of operation as fourth year students will be allowed to take the capstone course as a reading course, by arrangement with the Program Coordinator and the designated instructor. Such fourth year majors will also be required, on a one-time-only basis, to take the core course in order to graduate.

+ Please note: This course has sufficient South Asian content in order for it to count towards the South Asian Studies degree