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The undergraduate program in Social and Political Thought has been closed and will not be taking new students for Fall 2014. This will not impact continuing students in the program.

Students interested in SPT might be redirected to the (formerly SOSC degree) NOW replaced with the Interdisciplinary Social Science (ISS) Degree, since that is where the core curriculum now lives.



Program Overview

The Programme in Social and Political Thought offers students an opportunity to explore the way ideas are embodied and contested in social and political life. The programme also allows students to enhance their Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies degree with a Second major or minor that supplements and broadens their chosen discipline. The curriculum takes advantage of York 's well-known strengths as a centre of innovative and critical thinking about politics, society, economic ideas and culture.

Introduction to the Program

The Programme in Social and Political Thought (SPT) is concerned with the interdisciplinary study of human community-its nature, history and foreseeable futures. It is open to students in the disciplines of Anthropology, English, History, Humanities, Political Science, Philosophy, Sociology, Women's Studies, or another approved discipline.

It is intended for those students whose breadth of focus is such that they would like to view the social and political situation of contemporary societies, both substantively and theoretically, from a plurality of social science and humanistic perspectives. The programme includes a wide range of courses in areas of Social and Political Thought such as -History of Social and Political Thought, Political Economy, The Foundations of Social and Political Theory, Literature and Art and Society.

In addition to stimulating an interest in interdisciplinary studies, the programme seeks to equip its students with the analytical and problem-solving skills required to pursue graduate studies, or to find employment in fields such as journalism, education, public service and other professions in affiliated departments and other related disciplines.


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