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Elise Armstrong

Administrative Secretary to the Chair

S 753 Ross; 416-736-5056

Joanne Blake Graduate Program Assistant, Graduate Program in Socio-Legal Studies
S 733 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 22689;
Lucy Cozzolino Administrative Secretary, Undergraduate Programme
S 749 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 20454;
Lil Di Giantommaso Assistant to the Director of Undergraduate Studies
S 751 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 77799;
Josephine D'Souza

Program Assistant, Business and Society

S 773 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 77805;

Leah Dunton

On Leave

Orlene Ellis Graduate Program Assistant, Graduate Program in Development Studies
S776 Ross, 416-736-2100, extension 20979;
Brandon Emmanuel

Program Assistant, Interdisciplinary Social Science

S 739 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 20990,

Audaisha Franks Program Assistant, African Studies, Latin American And Caribbean Studies,International Development Studies, South Asian Studies
S 738 Ross, 416-736-2100 extension 20260;
Michael Freeman ON LEAVE
Melissa Gilbert

Program Assistant, Criminology Program and Work and Labour Studies
S 740 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 22760;

Judith Hawley Graduate Program Assistant, Graduate Program Social & Political Thought
S 711 Ross, 416-736-2100, extension 55320;

Karishma Karim


Pamela Lamb

Program Assistant, Law and Society

S 741 Ross Building; 416-736-5054, extension 66272;

Alda Lone Undergraduate Program Assistant
S 746 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 77797;
Elma Milasin

Student Academic Advisor

S 737 Ross; 416-736-5054;

Roberta Parris Toney


Rebecca Rampersad Program Assistant, Health and Society, Urban Studies, and Social and Political Thought
S 775 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 77796;
Jacqueline Selman Undergraduate Program Secretary
S 744 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 77798;
Divya Verma

Receptionist/ Faculty Secretary
S 737 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 33323;

Tara Wlodarczyk

Administrative Assistant
S 755 Ross; 416-736-2100, extension 33809;