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YUFA Research/Travel Funds

These funds are available to YUFA faculty members (tenure-stream, CLA, SRC, etc. but excluding visiting professors, YUFA exempt faculty members, YUFA members on leave other than sabbaticals) or those designated Senior Scholars may apply to their units for funding to travel to conferences.

Travel must occur between May 1, 2014 and April 30, 2015.

YUFA members who are cross-appointed between two departments in LA&PS should apply to the unit that claims more than 50% of their time. Those with a 50-50 split between two LA&PS units should apply to the unit that is identified as their home unit in the ARMs system.

Please submit your signed application form to the Administrative Assistant in Ross S755.

Maximum awards per faculty member will be $800.00.

Normally funding will be given only for conferences at which the faculty member is presenting a paper or participating in a panel. Faculty members with access to external funding such as a SSHRC grant are expected to access those funds first before applying to the YUFA fund.

Along with the applicaiton form please attach documentation about your participation (letter of acceptance for your paper proposal or a printed conference program) as well as a breakdown of all anticipated (or approximate) eligible expenses. Applications must be submitted prior to travel, but claims for reimbursement, along with all relevant receipts, will be accepted only upon return.

Eligible Expenses

Faculty members may put in claims for travel to the conference location, accommodation, registration fees, and per diem.

Claims for reimbursement of expenses must be submitted within 6 months of return from travel.