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Teaching Workload Policy for Full-Time Faculty Members

In addition to contributions to scholarship in their fields and service inside and outside the university, the following are the expectations of the teaching workload for full-time faculty members in the Department of Social Science. The Chair of the Department (or her designate) is responsible for assigning teaching for all faculty members within the Department.

Undergraduate Teaching

Normal load

Full-time faculty members in the Department are expected to participate regularly in the teaching of introductory courses at the 1000 and 2000 level and in upper-level courses (3000 and 4000).

All full-time faculty in the Department are expected to teach 7.5 hours each year. A full six- or nine-credit course is 3 hours; a half-course is 1.5 hours. Thus, a normal load might be 2.5 full courses. This is frequently accomplished by teaching 3 full courses one year and 2 full courses the next for an average of 2.5 full courses per year.*

Teaching Assistant Workload Forms

Course directors with teaching assistants must submit teaching-asistant workload forms. The forms must be filled out and signed at both a September and a January meeting.

Contact Lil Di Giantommaso, ext. 77799,

Foundations courses

All Foundations course directors, regardless of the size of the course, receive 3 teaching hours.* Additionally, for larger foundations courses (300 students, or eight or more tutorial sections), course directors earn an additional one hour (designated as an "extra management hour") for each such course.* Foundations courses with ESL sections count all course sections together when determining if the course receives the additional management hour. The extra hour is treated similarly to all other teaching hours, and can be banked or paid out at the negotiated overload rate as is appropriate. Such a decision is taken in consultation with the faculty member. Only full-time faculty members are normally allowed to bank teaching hour credits. In unusual circumstances, multi-year CLAs have been allowed to bank or owe hours, on the understanding that by the end of their contract, their teaching hour balance has neither credits nor debits.

Tutorial sections in foundations courses receive 2 hours teaching credit. While course directors do not normally teach tutorials in foundations courses, efforts are made to accommodate the desires of faculty members to do so, especially for those teaching a foundations course for the first time.

In courses that are not foundations courses, but that have tutorials, a course management hour is normally given only in situations where the course size is 150 or more. For courses that are smaller than 150, the course director is normally assigned one tutorial section in order to yield the full 3 hours teaching credit.

It is possible to teach a course with marker-graders. For example, such a situation might occur in a second year course of more than 50 students but without tutorial sections.**

Directed-reading courses

Faculty members do not receive any teaching credit for offering directed-reading courses.

New tenure-stream faculty

New faculty will be expected to teach only two full courses (six hours) in their first year in a tenure-stream position.

Contractually limited faculty

Since contractually limited faculty are not expected to contribute to service in the university, they will normally be expected to teach three courses per year.

Normal Course Size

The maximum course size varies by year level of the courses. Tutorial sections, with two exceptions, are 25 students. The exceptions are second year Foundations courses where the tutorial size is 28 students and E.S.L. tutorials that are 15 students in size. Sizes for courses without tutorial sections are as follows:

  • Second year 50 students
  • Third year 35 students
  • Fourth year 25 students

Graduate Teaching

Provided the Department's undergraduate courses are adequately covered, faculty members who are members of a graduate program may normally request the right to teach the equivalent of a half-course in a graduate program in the Faculty of Graduate Studies every year. Such requests must be submitted in a timely fashion to the Chair of the Department.

Administrative Course Release

Within the Department of Social Science, five administrative positions receive course release hours. They are

  • Department Chair 1.5 full course releases (4.5 hours)
  • Undergrad Director 1.5 full course releases (4.5 hours)
  • Curriculum Coordinator .5 full course releases (1.5 hours)
  • Foundations Coordinator .5 full course releases (1.5 hours)

Program Coordinators

  • Small programs <100 majors - no course release
  • Medium programs =100 majors and <500 students - .5 course release
  • Large programs =500 students - 1 course release
  • Stipends are as stipulated in the YUFA contract, Appendix P

*In team taught situations the hours available are shared; for example, a full course is normally shared equally between the two members teaching (1.5 teaching hours each). Similarly the extra foundations management hour is shared equally in team-teaching situations.

**In our collective memory no such situation has ever occurred within the Department. It has, however, been contemplated.