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A Life-changing Program

Encouraging a University Education

If you are an Ontario high school student and feel that you have been disadvantaged or have experienced extenuating circumstances that affected your performance in high school, please submit a letter to the attention of Lee Mugford to the Office of Admissions for consideration. You can fax the letter to 416-736-5536 or send it by email to Please ensure to submit as soon as possible to avoid program closures.

STEPS TO LIBERAL ARTS is a unique program that transforms the lives of promising high school students who may not qualify for University by traditional standards. This program offers them a step forward, a step up, and an opportunity to attend the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) at York University.

It reaches out to students who show the potential to succeed in university study, but who've faced long-term obstacles that have prevented them from excelling in high school. Reasons can include having to support themselves or dealing with home environments that have discouraged them from pursuing a university education.