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About Steps

First Steps on the Path to University Success

LA&PS recognizes the importance of easing the transition to university and goes out of its way to provide students in the program with a supportive environment that bridges the learning experience between high school and university. These include:

  • a separate, more intimate orientation session focusing on their unique needs and concerns
  • one-on-one advising sessions with a professional advisor throughout their university career, dealing with academic, financial and personal concerns
  • a steps-specific first-year course that improves academic and coping skills, and aids in their integration into student life and the university environment, providing instruction on learning styles, essay-writing and reading literary texts

Eligible Honours BA and BA Programs of Study

African Studies
Business (minor)
Business Economics
Business & Society
Canadian Studies
Children's Studies
Classical Studies
Cognitive Science
Communication Studies
Creative Writing
Culture & Expression
East Asian Studies
English & Professional Writing
European Studies
Financial & Business Economics
French Studies
Gender & Women's Studies
Geography & Urban Studies
German Studies
Global Political Studies
Health & Society
Hellenic Studies
Human Rights and Equity Studies
Individualized Studies
Information Technology
International Development Studies
Italian Culture
Italian Studies
Jewish Studies
Latin American & Caribbean Studies
Law & Society
Multicultural and Indigenous Studies
Political Science
Portuguese Studies
Professional Writing
Public Administration
Religious Studies
Science & Technology Studies
Sexuality Studies
Social & Political Thought
Social Science
South Asian Studies
Urban Studies
Work and Labour Studies