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"I finished the Steps to Liberal Arts class with a sense of confidence. The atmosphere was ideal, and the professor was simply brilliant. The Steps to Liberal Arts bursary gave me the financial support I needed. Overall, the whole experience was great."
Ahmednur Ali (BSc Hons '08)
Double major in Kinesiology and Health Science and Psychology

" The program provided me with a number of resources, in particular a lifelong mentor who met me my first day, took me for a tour, inspired me to achieve academically and with whom I still maintain a relationship today. Without a doubt, Steps to Liberal Arts has provided me the opportunity to accomplish my ultimate goal of inspiring hundreds of children."
Devon Jones (BA Hons. '98, BEd '99)
Currently working on an MEd

" The staff associated with the program took great care to ensure that I was a given the necessary tools and resources to succeed in postsecondary education."
Caitlyn Salmon
Currently in second year of a BA program, majoring in English

“The program has given me the support and guidance I needed through the process. I’ve also been fortunate enough to have been a mentor for Steps and that in itself has made me feel as though I was part of a very special community.”

Naima Mohamood (BA Hons. ’08)

Double major in International Development Studies and Sociology

"The Steps course has taught me just about everything I would need to know about changes I am required to make from high school to post-secondary in order to be a successful student."
Richmond On

Currently in second year of BA program, majoring in Kinesiology

"Steps to Liberal Arts provided solid academic support and made sure that we, as first year students, were well aware of all the resources available on campus such as tutors, workshops for academic writing and much more."
Daphne Tan

Currently in third year of an honours BA program, majoring in Business and Society