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Strategy & Mission

The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) opened its doors on July 1, 2009, combining the strengths of the former Faculty of Arts and Atkinson Faculty of Liberal & Professional Studies. From the beginning, community consultation and engagement about the new Faculty has been unprecedented and provided forward momentum with our strategy and vision.

With an enrolment of more than 27,000 undergraduate and graduate students housed in twenty-five academic departments, schools and colleges, our Faculty is among the largest in Canada and is in fact larger than two-thirds of Canadian universities. Our long-standing commitments to accessibility, effective teaching, quality academic programming, experiential learning, community outreach and internationalization are not merely legacies of our past, but the foundation for our future.

LA&PS Mission

  • The Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies (LA&PS) brings together internationally recognized research, a devotion to effective teaching, and a commitment to diversity, equity and social justice.
  • The range, global sensitivity and intensity of disciplinary and interdisciplinary degree programs are mirrored by the diversity and engagement of its professors and students.
  • The Faculty is dedicated to furthering its already strong research and service cultures and ensuring that all its many researchers bring their scholarship into the classroom and out into the community.
  • The Faculty is particularly sensitive to the aspirations of its constituent communities and the challenges those communities face.
  • To sustain and renew the ideals and practices of the modern university, the Faculty draws upon its own vibrant tradition of self-examination and reflection.
  • Committed to providing access to qualified applicants, including non-traditional and international students, the Faculty of Liberal Arts & Professional Studies melds access and excellence.

LA&PS Strategic Plan and Implementation Scrolls

June 9, 2011 - A series of plans, collectively referred to as the LA&PS Implementation Scrolls, was presented to Faculty Council. The documents were created in consultation with the Dean's working group on strategic planning, and overseen by the LA&PS' Academic Policy and Planning Committee. These documents are condensed to be consise and clear in addition to giving tangible milestones and measures, useful in assessing our progress and to assist in improving the implementation of the Strategic Plan throughout its ten-year mandate. The Implementation Scrolls are to be reviewed annually to ensure clarity in focus, mission and delivery and to adapt them for any strategic changes that may be required as circumstances change and evolve.

June 24, 2010 - After many months of collegial discussion, development and community consultation, the LA&PS Strategic Plan, 2010-2020: Making Choices for Our Future, was overwhelmingly approved during a special session of Faculty Council.

On January 21, 2010, the LA&PS Faculty Council overwhelmingly approved the motion to adopt the the Faculty's Strategic Planning Framework.

Strategic Plan Background

In fall 2009 the Dean established an ad hoc 30-member working group which, after several months of discussion, produced a strategic framework for the Faculty. The framework received overwhelming approval at the Jan 21 meeting of Faculty Council. The second phase of strategic planning began late February when the Dean initiated a series of one and two-day visits to each of the Faculty's 25 departments, schools and colleges.

The strategic plan, developed from discussion and consultation from these visits, was introduced at Faculty Council on June 10. On June 18 a revised version was released that incorporated community feedback received by the working group.

Transition Background

Want to know more about our history and the transition from Arts and Atkinson to LA&PS? Visit the Faculty Council Web site.

LA&PS strategic planning overview