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Academic Advising for Current Students

LA&PS Student Academic Advising Services (SAAS) in 103 Central Square is a place where we can help you get the information and guidance you need. Please remember that advising is a shared relationship between you and the advisor. Advisors can explain policies and regulations or offer academic options. However, you must accept final responsibility for the decisions you make regarding your academic career. In the end, the best way for you to succeed and keep your academic options open is to study hard and achieve good grades!

NEW! School of Administrative Studies on-site Academic Advising: 282 Atkinson Building

Students currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Administrative Studies, Bachelor of Disaster & Emergency Management degree or a related professional business certificate program can now secure an in-person academic advising appointment with the School of Administrative Studies, located at 282 Atkinson Building. For more information, visit:

If you are visiting our site, you probably have questions. There are many ways to get the answers you need:

1) Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know I'm taking the right courses for my program?

A: A: If you want to find out if you're on track for graduation, visit your online Degree Progress Report.

Note: Students with transfer credit from a previous post-secondary institution may notice that the transfer credits are not accounted for in the report. There is a link to your transfer credit statement on the report to help guide you. If you still have questions about your course selection for graduation, you can request a degree review by completing the following form.

Also, students in combined (double major or major/minor) degree programs are not able to use the Degree Progress Report. Please submit a degree review request using the form above.
All LA&PS program requirements are found, here:

How do I check the transfer credit I received from my previous post-secondary studies?

A: Please visit

How do I change my major?

A: If you know the program you would like to change to, you can find all the information about how to make the change here:

How do I choose a new major?

If you don't know what to major in, there are at least four considerations to make:

  1. Make sure you explore what's possible. Here is a list of all the majors in LA&PS. Take some time to discover those you are most interested in. Learn more by speaking to students, staff and faculty in your target programs.
  2. Make sure you are eligible to move to the programs on your short-list. The "Program Requirements" link on the program descriptions page will specify entry requirements, where applicable. You'll also find important information about changing your major, here.
  3. Pick a major that YOU enjoy. Friends and family can exert pressure to choose a particular major. But, if you don't enjoy learning about that subject, your chances for success and graduation are severely limited. Pick a major in which you can't wait to get to the next class! When you enjoy a class, you'll get better grades. And, better grades lead to more options after graduation.
  4. Pick a path that makes sense for your long term goals. After graduation, do you want to go to graduate school, professional school or right into the workforce? Learn more about life after York by visiting the Career Centre. They, too, can help you find your true calling.

I'm having trouble adding or dropping a course. What should I do?

A: Please remember that there are strict add and drop deadlines. For more information visit

If you are trying to add or drop a course past the deadline, you must petition. For more information on petitions visit

If you are unable to enroll in a course because spaces are reserved, please contact the department offering the course.

I am a new student and have questions regarding enrolment and course selection

A: Review the presentation for incoming students found here:

If you have further questions, please stop by 103 Central Square or contact your academic program office for courses/requirements specific to your major. Program and contact information is available here:

Where can I learn about my academic status? (e.g. eligible to proceed in current program, academic warnings, debarment, etc.)?

A: Please visit

Where do I submit an academic petition?

A: A petition is a formal request for the waiver of a Faculty's regulation or deadline. Students have the right to petition on reasonable grounds for special consideration.

For more information, please visit:

What happens if I repeat a course I have already taken?

A: Please visit:

I've been away from York for a while. How do I resume my studies?

A: If you've attended another post-secondary institution since you were last at York, you must re-apply through the Admissions Office. For more information, visit:

If you have not attended another post-secondary institution since you were last at York, you can reactivate your record here:

If the online reactivation tool above does not work for you, contact Student Client Services at

How do I speak with an advisor?

A:Come to 103 Central Square for a brief chat with one of our advisors. If we can't answer question on the spot and you need more in-depth academic advising, we can assist you with booking an appointment.

You can also call us at 416-736-5222. Lines are busy. So, if you are on hold for more than 5 minutes, you are encouraged to call back later. The best time to reach us by phone is before 10am or between 4:30 and 6:30pm.

For advising questions related to your major requirements, please contact your home academic program office.

For questions related to your course enrolment or fees, please contact Student Client Services

2) Most Frequent Referrals

From time to time, students will ask questions or have needs that are best addressed by other student services office around campus. Here are the most common:

Money Matters (e.g. fees, OSAP)Student Client Services, Bennett Centre
Proof of registration, transcriptsStudent Client Services, Bennett Centre
Career Preparation & Counseling Career Centre, 202 McLaughlin College
Computing (e.g. Passport York) Computing Commons, Wm. Small Centre
Writing Help/Tutoring Writing Department, S329 Ross
Admissions Client Services 3rd Floor, Bennett Centre for Student Services
International Exchange Programs York International, 200 York Lanes

3) Need more answers?

Student Academic Advising Services, 103 Central Square

Office hours: Monday – Thursday, 9:00am-6:30pm & Fridays from 10:30am to 5:00pm


Call our office at 416-736-5222. Incoming calls are queued to respond on a first-called, first-served basis.  If our office is extremely busy and you are on hold for more than five minutes, you are encouraged to call back later. The best time to call is before 10am, Tuesday through Thursday.


Come to 103 Central Square for a brief chat with one of our advisors. If we can't answer question on the spot and you need more in-depth academic advising, we can assist you with booking an appointment.


You can also email us directly at

You will find many other online services, here:


PDF -- Faculty Information Book -- Everything You Want to Know about LA&PS