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Welcome to the COACH Progam

Come On And Come home (COACH) is designed to assist LA&PS students who are returning to their studies after an absence of one or more years. Through the COACH Program, reactivated students are able to access support for a successful return to their studies.

We appreciate that returning to your studies after an extended period of time can be daunting and participating in COACH will help make the transition back to university and student life easier. We have a special re-orientation for all returning students as well as information and workshops tailored to your needs as a reactivated student. The COACH Program offers a support system too.

How COACH Works:

All reactivating students are automatically enrolled in COACH, giving them access to updated information about how they can make their return as successful as possible.

In the COACH Program, reactivating students are matched with a COACH Guide who acts as a point of contact and resource for information about services at York. This unique program will help you to re-familiarize yourself with York, making it easier to tackle any changes that may have occurred in your absence.

COACH Guides are upper year LA&PS students who have achieved academic success. They are trained and equipped to give you information as well as answer any questions that you might have. COACH Guides are there to point you in the right direction to find the resources to achieve academic success.

Objectives of the COACH program:

What does it take to be a COACH Guide?