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Volunteer Peer Note Taker

Is the LA&PS Volunteer Peer Note Taker program for me?

Do you know that there are students in some of your classes with a disability who are unable to take notes for themselves? Do you have an amazing note-taking ability? Are you the type of student who likes to help others?

Become a LA&PS Volunteer Peer Note Taker! The LA&PS Peer Note Taker program is coordinated by Counselling & Disability Services (CDS).

What is your job as a volunteer peer note takers?

As a volunteer peer note taker you will provide a copy of your notes from the beginning of term to the end of the term for the use of a student with disabilities in your class. Without this support, it will be difficult for the student with a disability to be successful in the course.

Can I be a volunteer peer note takers in a class that I am not taking?

Absolutely! You are allowed to attend a course that you are not registered for to be a volunteer peer note taker.

Are you qualified to be a volunteer peer note taker?

To qualify you must be an LA&PS student with a minimum of a "B" average.

Are you in your first year of university? Was your high school average over 75%? If yes, you qualify. E-mail us at and please indicate in the subject line: LA&PS Volunteer Note Taker.

What is in it for me?

In addition to providing much-needed support to a student with a disability, your volunteer work can be of direct benefit to you in a number of ways!

  1. CDS will be pleased to provide you with a letter of recognition at the end of the course stating that you provided essential note taking support to students with disabilities in the York University community.
  2. At your request, CDS will also provide a letter of reference for employers attesting to your volunteer commitment and contribution to campus life.
  3. Many of the awards and scholarships available to York University students consider volunteer activities as an important criterion in determining successful award recipients.
  4. If you are involved with SOARING you can use this as a volunteer opportunity - 1 point for each course each semester.
  5. You will also receive the Centre for Student Success weekly volunteer e-newsletter with information about special events and workshops.

For more information, please contact CDS at